Marriages are Like Complimentary Colors

Not completely trusting myself yet with the vast blogging options, I changed my Theme to a more graphically-colorful one. The blue and orange of this Theme work as these colors are opposite each other on the color wheel.

As I made my blog’s Thematic change I got to thinking about how marriages are like complimentary colors. Now I don’t want to go all Dear Abby (not that there’s anything wrong with that) nor do I claim to know anything about marriage except my own since it’s the only one I’m involved in. I’ll use my relationship to illustrate the color wheel. When my giant husband and I are partners we’re orange and blue, side by side making each other brighter. When we mix in equal amounts we neutralize somewhat losing our identities–orange and blue turn grey-brown. If one of us acts over-bearing we darken–small blue mixed into large orange. The blue disappears and the orange deepens. So there it is marriage and complimentary colors, side by side as equals quite brilliant (assuming I know what the hell I’m talking about).


2 thoughts on “Marriages are Like Complimentary Colors

  1. Nice metaphor..we agree..what colors are 82 year old people and gorgeous 78 year couples(the 82 year old is male…how about a handsome man just turned 45 and looks 20 and his SMART, BEAUTIFUL WIFE?


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