Wise Artist Sister Told Me to Add More Art

Dear friends,
My artist sister, who is more mature and so much wiser than I, suggested incorporating more of my own artwork into anntogether. I told her my portfolio and writing pieces will be included with the revised blog design (hopefully coming soon). I let her know that up to this post, I have sprinkled random art pieces throughout other posts. This post for example highlights some work from my earlier years…

I haven’t done much sculpture, but I did make this handprint when I was 5-
hand print

print backThen there was an angel my inner-tomboy made from a cone when I was eleven. I’d snuck into my grandma’s closet and unwrapped the wool off one of her knitting cones. Grandma later asked if I knew who did it. I lied. I feel a pang of guilt that this little angel has come to represent the little devil in me.

angelI’m quite proud of this next piece, I assisted the primary artist – a man by the name of Mike-

pieta                                                                 Kidding of course…

The sculptures below are both mine. I created them my senior year of high school. They broke apart, as did all but one of my other sculptures. I’m so happy to have a few decent black and white photos of both pieces. This first one is a whimsical saxophone –

tubatuba faceThe next is by far my favorite. Had she withstood the test of time, we would have been the best of friends. She was created using a mirror. If memory serves she was at least two and 1/2 feet in length. That year I also sculpted a horse rearing up – that collapsed – and a plate of spaghetti and meatballs which died at my childhood home. Sadly, I have no pictures of those sculpts. So friends, I present to you my Suffering Woman

my sculpt

sideview And a close up of her hand which I recall being quite proud of back then-

hand closeI truly appreciate my sister’s artful wisdom.
I’ll start incorporating more art in anntogether.
Apparently, Ann has a long way to go to-get-her stuff together…


17 thoughts on “Wise Artist Sister Told Me to Add More Art

    • Why thank you. I love art. I love humor. And blogging can be a wonderful marriage of the two. Sometimes though, I’m not as funny as I think I am and that makes me sad. And I’m always striving to improve upon my art and that makes me happy.
      I do so appreciate your visit here – it means a lot 🙂

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  1. Hello Ann Marie, Very nice blog and as an artist and being as gullible as I sometimes am, you really had me going on the “Piata.” I love art as well and have been suggesting to myself to place some on my blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a brilliant day.


    • Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I always like to have a little fun in my day. I love to create art and laugh – not always in that order. On a good day, I achieve both, on a bad day I cry and break my pencils 😉


    • Thank you – I so appreciate that!
      I deleted and added Mike’s artwork three times – I thought it was humorous, but I had a doubting moment – I didn’t want to appear disrespectful, but then I thought you know I’m sure Mike shared a good chuckle or two in his lifetime. If artists can’t laugh – I don’t want to be one 🙂
      Thanks ever so much for stopping by and brining gifts of kind words 🙂

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    • I really do appreciate that – a humble thank you. I actually read a blog book before starting to blog – it was a very informative book – “The Joy of Blogging”
      It recommended ‘finding your voice.’ But my problem has always been, I venture in too many directions at once and I have trouble listening to good advice sometimes. I think after blogging a few months now, I’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm – a little humor, a little art, a little writing… that seems to be a good fit for me – for now.
      I hope all is going well with your blogging experience…it is so fascinating and mind-boggling – the amount of talent out there and the amazing people willing to share theirs…
      Happy Friday!


      • You’re welcome.

        When I first started blogging I didn’t really have a direction and just sort of posted whatever I felt like. Over time I realized the two things I really liked writing about were art and travel so that’s how Palettes and Passports came to be. I figure if my interests change in a few years then I’ll start writing about something else 🙂 That’s the great thing about blogging I guess!


      • Oh, that’s how you got your interesting blog name – I really like it.
        Thanks for the journey flashback. Blogging is like the ocean – so deep, so vast – we know so very little and continue to explore…


    • Ah, Fawn,
      Thanks for going down memory post lane. I haven’t perused my older posts in awhile. Now that I’ve looked back, I see some posts – probably most – are a bit buggy due to my switching blog shenanigans. I should probably go back and fix them…one day…maybe…
      I wish, Suffering Woman, could have withstood the test of time, but that’s what I get for not listening to my art teacher.
      AM 🙂


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