Dear Friends,
Once again, I was trapped in a dark room for seven hours. Keeping large classes focused on laborious computerized tests can make one quite mad. There were brief moments where student test takers dwindled. In these brief respites – white noise humming in my ears – my frazzled fingers sketched with a chewed pencil. There’s something lovable about printer paper.
pretty map ladyI had time to doodle out two sketches, the woman above and the dude below-

map monsterGuess which one I drew first 🙂

Have a wondrous, creative and honorable Memorial Day weekend…

9 thoughts on “Trapped

    • Thank you for the kind words. I really need to draw more personal work on a regular basis – subbing, giving art lessons nightly and family in between gets a little tricky, but I have to just ‘do i’t like every other busy person on the planet!
      I was drawing by computer illumination. The funniest part was trying to flag an adult down when I needed to use the rest room – then things got interesting 🙂


    • Ah, thanks. I look around at all the talent out there and I feel very humbled. I see so many areas I need to improve. I do so appreciate the kind words, it’s like dieting and someone saying you look good (though I like hearing that almost as much 😉 )
      I like the dude too – I think he would have a big, tender heart under his thick hairy chest 🙂


  1. Ha, AnnMarie! You remind me of me — when I’ve taught (English Comp, mostly), and I have students writing, I pull out my notebook and scribble away. Those can be some of the most productive days — chained (imprisoned?) to a chair. 🙂 Anyway, looking at your terrific artwork, I’ll have to say I’m glad you were trapped in the dark!


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