Dear Friends,
I visited a blog: A Worried Student for the first time the other day. A lovely young person – oh, to be 18 again – wrote a post about Rainbow Looms. The bloggist (I like making up words – this one probably exists), asked the reader if they recalled any childhood fads. I couldn’t recall any craze other than toe socks. Then I remembered – denim jackets. In high school, I was asked to paint a boatload of denim jackets. The most common request was for album cover art…so I must thank, A Worried Student, for inspiring me to find my old photos. I called these jackets – JackArt (I like making up words) I found three…and without further ado, here they are-

pink floydThese JackArts are pretty much self-expanatory-

morrison jacketThis next one was a bit more artful-

mar:elvi jacketI snuck this one in – believe it or not – this is an old favorite Jersey Shore shirt of mine – I used to paint tigers and snakes on my fingernails and shirts – ROAR- oh, to be 18 again!

tiger shirt Thank you and I hope all your dreams are peaceful tonight…


10 thoughts on “JackArt

      • My 16-year-old tells me, I should paint jackets again. Apparently kids are back into Bob Marley and the like…I did do a bunch of t-shirts a year back – more graphic though – who knows maybe down the road…Does anyone even wear denim jackets these days? I’m so out of it fashion-wise. And if I ever become famous I hope it’s for becoming an opera prima dona 😉
        Thank you for the inspiration and vote of confidence!
        Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love, love, love the Jim Morrison jackart! In high school I quite often either had a hat on my head or flowers in my hair, my favorite hat being a helmet that had belonged to a volunteer fire man. – Fawn


    • Thank you, Fawn. I wish I had more pictures of jackets I’ve painted all those decades ago.
      And might I say – You are the embodiment of cool hipster turned wise sage, and those are the best kind of folks to know 🙂


    • You’re welcome 🙂
      When I began thinking back to the jackets other doors opened. I began remembering those ‘cheezy’ plastic high heeled Candies that were so popular and cowl-neck sweaters…scary stuff, oh, and Charlie’s Angels hair styles too


  2. I love the tiger tee! Let’s not forget the landscape art shirts, now, or Dittos jeans! I used to wear those all the time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, lady.


    • Thank you 🙂 Now that you mention, I have a vague recollection of landscape art shirts – in fact – I may have owned one. I remember Calvin Klein jeans and a young Brooke Shields starring in uber-seductive commercials, but I can’t recall Dittos?


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