Merrily, Life Goes ‘Round

Dear Friends,
Designing and painting a wall mural is a formidable process. The execution is simply an expanded version of what one would do on canvas. This is not the arduous part. The difficulty comes with the passage of time. What happens when a room gets redecorated or repurposed? The mural is often a victim of circumstance. Many wall paintings are eventually covered over with contemporary hues. The delicate daughter’s carousel had its day in the sun too. I created it years ago when she loved playing with dollhouses and reading picture books. This mural was painted over with Georgian Gold when it became the guest room.

I began this Merry-Go-Round with research and the painting of this wooden sign-

signNext, came the animals-

lion closeThe Paint horse below was created in homage to the animated movie, Spirit. Her name is Rain. She is Spirit’s horse girlfriend-

rain closeupThen of course, there’s the proud Mustang stallion, Spirit-

spirit horseSee how the equine pair frolic about the Wild West-

spirit:rainAnd what’s a carousel without a doting cherub –

Cupid/mural detail

Cupid/mural detail

One must have an animal menagerie to bounce upon too-

giraffeThere can’t be a carousel kingdom without a prince of the forest and a king of the jungle –

lion, deerSo merrily life goes ’round and carousels spin. We ride and laugh aloud. Sometimes we even get sick. The Merry-Go-Round stops and waits for the next group of riders.

Goodnight and may your night be filled with dancing animals and happy music…