Maiden China

Dear Friends,
Awhile back, the kid side of my brain was inspired by a golden label. You know, the tiny metallic sticker with the words, “made in China,” printed on it. What if a young child – upon hearing the phrase ‘made in China’ – thinks it’s Maiden China.

The child believes an amazing fairy exists. With one swoosh of her magical wand, Maiden China can create wondrous playthings. Then, the child starts to discover Maiden China has blessed his entire home with many things beyond just his splendid toys.

This afternoon during my break, or feed-the-substitute time, I sketched a couple of quickie concepts.
My first sketch is a safe approach to a fairyesque figure-

Maiden China - modMy second sketch is a bit more unusual-

Maiden China - octaNot sure of the style at this point, just throwing stuff around to see if anything sticks to the old size elevens 🙂

I have an ambitious summer planned. Perhaps I can borrow Maiden China’s Magic Wand…

Thank you and goodnight. May your imported dreams be tax free 😉


16 thoughts on “Maiden China

    • Thank you – yes, Simon I think you’re right – I’d probably go with something a bit more unusual for some story-telling fun!
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Hope waves of beautiful music are moving the ocean 🙂


    • I like them for initial concepts – not too crazy about the actual execution. I did them during a quickie lunch break but I thank you for liking them – your too kind and sweet and great!!!
      AnnMarie 🙂


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