They Call Me, The Tiger Man

Dear Friends,
A few years back the big son and I were on a jogging/walking kick. We’d leash up Rocky and drive to a place where a perfect 2 mile loop waited. One morning on our walk, the big son and I noticed an older gentleman sitting on a lawn chair in front of his house. He commented on what a handsome pup Rocky was, then he told us he had baby cats. The way he said it was odd. He added, “if you wait just a minute, I just picked up some pictures.” He walked to his nearby car and grabbed an envelope. He took a batch of photos out and showed us his baby cats. This was his newest baby-

bottle feedHe also had another baby-

tiger petAnd here is a gorgeous picture of his two baby cats romping about-

rearing tigersHe also had other pets-

tailThe baby cat was exceptionally brave for battling his vicious attack dog-

tiger and dog playIn this next one, he asked his baby cat to smile for the camera-

tiger roarAnd here is an acrylic of mine in homage to these magnificent creatures. If memory serves, I used images from the WWF as reference. The Tiger Man was a kind and fascinating fellow. He gave his duplicate images to me after I told him I love creating tiger images.

my paintingAnd lastly, this is a Prisma pencil tiger. I gave the Tiger Man, a copy of my baby cat –

pencil tigerI hope these magnificent creatures make it. Poachers have done a number on tiger populations throughout the planet. Slaughtered, because some want what they cannot have. Let’s hope these spectacular baby cats survive.

I wish I remembered the Tiger Man’s real name. My memory often lets me down. Perhaps the big son and I will see him again this summer when we start up our jogging program.

Thank you and goodnight. May a gorgeous tiger sleep by your side and protect your dreams.