ALL is Not Divisible by Two

Dear Friends,
Sixteen short years ago, I left my career. It was a surprise even to me. I had planned on working right through the whole mom thing. Why not? I could multitask with the best of them. I had color-coding down to a science. I was not only a list maker, I was a List Master.

corp galGo ahead, throw in that new baby ’cause there was nothing I couldn’t do. Besides, all the women I worked with returned after having babies so would I. I adored my career. I loved walking into my big office, (though I didn’t appreciate the kitchenette location if someone was microwaving broccoli). Creating 4/C textbooks and their ancillary components required a small planet of talented people. My staff was terrific and I had a fabulous administrative assistant. After months of arduous work, I always loved having a tangible product to shove proudly into someone’s hands.

coverinside credit pageI only knew how to do my job one way – ALL. I worked many hours often and always. It was how my parents raised me. You give your ALL so ALL was what I gave. I was Atlas – the weight of the publishing planet upon my back.

ball backEight months after the delicate daughter entered my autobiography, I gave notice. I only knew ALL and ALL was not divisible by two. For many months afterward I color-coded toy baskets, made infinite to-do-lists and wrote about a little alien in my house…

Thank you and goodnight. May your dreams be weightless and pain-free this evening…

(I rendered fashion gal in pen and ink, ball on back girl is pencil, Prentice Hall cover design and interior design by me. Skeletal System in Motion cover illustration by the talented illustrator: Keith Kasnot )

8 thoughts on “ALL is Not Divisible by Two

    • I was glad I could have the choice to stay home. I know many times both parents have to work due to financial reasons.
      Every year at Prentice Hall they switched the silly credit policy – name in, name out…the name got into a few books which is wonderful to use today. When students disrespect subs – I can always pull a book off the shelf (yes, many of these books are still in school) and I can say – ‘this sub ain’t so silly.’ 😉


    • Thank you much, Jen.
      She’s an oldie but goodie. That’s why I saved her all these years from my scrap pile. There was a time – oh, so long ago – when I dabbled with the idea of designing clothes (having no fashion clue myself, this made perfect sense). I called her outfit – ‘clowning around at the office.’
      AnnMarie 🙂

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