Do Frogs Buy Books?

Dear Friends,
Today, I took my mother-in-law to Barnes & Noble. Along the sidewalk entrance I noticed something odd and a bit sad – a dead frog. I looked around. There was no nearby water source, unless the little frog had stopped by Friday’s for a drink. That might explain his premature demise. Maybe the little guy had a rough night, sipped one to many Mint Grasshoppers and strolled onto the blacktop, bleary-eyed. I hope he wasn’t on his way to purchase, Road Crossing for Dummies.

Once inside B&N, my hip mother-in-law downloaded some new Nook reads. I went the old-timer’s route and purchased a real book, Same Kind of Different as Me, which I’ve already started. Next, we enjoyed over-priced beverages and treats at the Café. Perhaps, the little frog had leapt a long distance and desired a refreshing Mango Smoothie.

Please remember dear friends, the many critters crossing the road this time of year. Turtles may be en route for egg laying,

turtleand little frogs may be trying to get to Barnes & Noble –

blue frog

Thank you and goodnight. May your dreams be filled with twirling turtles and flying frogs…

(both drawings rendered with Prisma pencil on construction paper)


24 thoughts on “Do Frogs Buy Books?

  1. I, too, was at B&N today, AnnMarie, and your experience sounds a lot like mine — minus the dead frog. However, one time I saw a dead bird before I went into B&N. Weird, eh? Anyway, your message about the smaller animals is excellent, something we all need to be reminded of.


    • There’s nothing like Prisma pencils. The quality of the paper doesn’t have to be wonderful to push this terrific medium…
      Many of my drawings are done on standard construction paper. I’d advise using acid-free paper though – luckily most of my drawings cover the paper, where there’s weak coverage the paper has lightened due to sun exposure…


      • Would a light spray of matte fixative medium preserve the paper colour, I wonder? Also wonder if that would help when using some of the fugitive watercolour pigments… hmmm… it wouldn’t hurt it I don’t think.


      • I don’t trust my fingers on the nozzle of fixative – I’m a bit heavy-handed – I’ve had to stop ‘cheaping’ out and get better quality papers 🙂
        Thanks for the advice – I’m always all ears so throw anything my way 🙂
        Do you have a brand of choice re: color?


      • For watercolours: winsor + newton
        For acrylics: golden
        For colour pencils: prismacolor, also have some nice watercolour pencils by Derwent and watercolour crayons (big fat ones) from StabiloTone.
        Did I answer your question? 🙂


      • We have the same taste in all – that’s funny!
        Except I’ve never tried the StabiloOne crayons – I use the cheap watercolor crayons for my little art students, but I’ve never tried. And now I’ll have too
        Thank you so very much – I appreciate you taking the time for this 🙂
        AnnMarie 🙂

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      • 2 schools of thought about paper quality from 2 different painting instructors in the past: One said to draw on anything you can find laying around; you don’t have to go out and buy good paper to be able to create. Just create. Another teacher (a watercolourist) had us making our own watercolour “sketchbooks” using 300 lb D’Arches paper and 3-ring binder clips. Her theory was that you never know when you’re going to create something amazing so you always want to draw/paint on the best. Both points of view have value I think!
        At your skill level, I’d use the very best you feel comfortable with buying, because everything you produce is amazing!


      • I remember using big watercolor blocs in school. I’m not a huge watercolorist – I should experiment with wcs more…they have such clarity…
        And thank you for your uber kind words. I have much to learn still and I again, appreciate all your input and great suggestions!
        AnnMarie 🙂


    • Then explain the frog waiting at my son’s bus stop. He was wearing a little red cap (wonderful with his green if I must say so myself) and though he wore no backpack (you’re correct there) he toted a little sack around one armpit with 2 tiny pencils poking out. I think he was one of the more intelligent frogs and was probably on the way to take his Chemistry Regents 😉


    • I don’t know what the heck that little frog was doing there or where he came from. He was not only far from water, but any sort of greenery. Maybe he was a stowaway?
      But, I thank you for your kindly words 🙂


  2. Wow! You’re drawings are amazing! It is a talent I wish I had, but I’m too busy writing to cultivate it.

    Anyways, I’m glad the dead frog made you sad (they make me sad too). I wonder what book he/she wanted to read.


    • I wish I were a better writer. I need to work at it in between trying to become a better artist 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words.
      I’m saddened to see dead animals in general, I’m sure your are too.
      I hope he’s gone on to froggy heaven where he’s reading through the card catalogue (oops, just dated myself didn’t I 😉 )
      AnnMarie 🙂


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