Dear Friends,

As her nervous fingers fumbled for the quarter-sized tin at the bottom of her purse, she prayed it held one last pill. Normally, she stayed as far away from cats as possible, but this guy was worth the merciless attack she’d most certainly suffer without swallowing a pink allergy capsule. She continued digging in her bag. As they climbed the stairs to his studio apartment, she admired the way his jeans fit and the way his dark hair curled where it met his collar.

He was glad he was ahead of her on the stairs. This could be love for him. He didn’t want her to notice the sweat that had collected at his temples. He still hadn’t come clean about his cat. It was no ordinary cat sharing the studio space with him. It was slightly larger. It was a leopard…



I hope you enjoyed my little story…

Thank you. May fantastic felines whisk you off to dreamland…

(leopard rendered in Prisma on construction paper)


10 thoughts on “Catwoman

  1. Wonderful! My nephew shares his place with a Bengal and a Savannah…I wonder if this has ever happened, or if he leads the conversation talking about his feline companions. Beautifully done, as always, Ann Marie. – Fawn


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