Pink Swimsuits and Bald Babies

Dear Friends,
Today after dropping the delicate daughter off, I watched her walk into work. Her silky hair – now past her waist – was swinging in the sticky breeze. Plastic kiddie pools waited atop the cement entrance for some sweating, ‘pooless’ parent to breakdown and buy one. In that moment I flashed back. My sixteen-year-old daughter at two years of age and nearly as bald as a bocce ball. Back then, I fretted about her lack of hair and worried if it would ever grow. In the warmer weather, I’d slather her dome with sunscreen especially when we spent the day poolside. She had a darling pink and orange tie-dyed swimsuit. Her little chunky, white legs matched the color of her bald head. To me, she was an almond-eyed cherub. To many others, she resembled a little boy. 🙂

caroline babyThank you and goodnight. May chubby-cheeked cherubs accompany your happy dreams this night…

(acrylic on 18″x24″ canvas)