Good Weather Shaman

Dear Friends,
Here in our little area of New York we’ve had the kind of rain that soaks through your clothes faster than you can say Kenmore. And yet, there are other areas of the world that would be grateful for a trickle. I tinkered with a good weather shaman…

Rain Maker

Rain Maker

Thank you and good night. May you dream of exploding fireworks made from colorful rainwater and sparkling stars…


10 thoughts on “Good Weather Shaman

    • I made him for everyone, so you to Debra – have a happy and safe (I’d say quiet, but that’s probably asking too much even of a magical shaman ;-)) Fourth!
      may all little critters have access to earplugs 🙂


    • Hi there Skye –
      Happy Fourth in return. The recent rain has been quite obnoxious. But, the other day after a super soaker, the 6 PM light was magnificent – a surreal green. It was quite fantastic.
      Stay well, friend
      AnnMarie 🙂


  1. It looks kind of like a sea monster except for the horns and the teeth. Is that a horse’s mane? I should be careful, you seem dangerous…maybe poor Judd is dead because of this creature 🙂


    • Poor Judd’s fingernails had never been so clean and the daisies in the dell gave out a different smell – my creature likes clean hands and a finely scented planet – besides fixing broken weather, the shaman does what it will do to maintain the status quo.
      Curly had range and matched better with Lori dear 😉
      And yes, you are correct – a horse’s mane. I began with an alligator but changed the nostrils and suddenly it was a horse or possibly a mule that dreams of being a horse…:-)


    • Thank you, I hope it works – one never knows. I don’t mind the rain only when it blocks road vision which it has done the passed two days…
      But, the trees like it…
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy weekend!


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