Little Miss Green Apple

Dear Friends,
Fair warning – my next batch of posts will include ‘fingerwork.’ My big woman hands are being manipulated by forces beyond my control.

Little Miss Green Apple is a friendly eco-lady who loves living in her green apple.

Miss Green Apple

Miss Green Apple

The other night she told me 2 things and suggested I share them. I’m sure many of you’ve heard or have visited – as bloggers are quite worldly – these special places. But, for the few unaware or for those that have forgotten (like me – I’m still working on the memory thing) here they are:

The Human Reef “The Silent Evolution”
This particular reef created in 2010 lures tourists away from natural reefs. Nature’s process will eventually take over these human sculptures (180 tons worth) sunk 30 feet off the waters of Cancún. One can swim or sail over this spectacular water-wonder.

Food Forests
This self-sustaining ecosystem promotes healthy food diversity as well as aiding the environment. The food forest – like its ‘natural’ counterpart – is created in layers. Each layer yields foods for consumption, fuel, fiber for clothing…, fodder, fertilizer, farmaceauticals, and FUN. Many tropical countries have been tending food forests for hundreds of years. The Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, is the largest public food forest in the U.S.. Food forests can even be sprouted in urban areas!

If Little Miss Green Apple passes on anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know.
Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of sweet apple faces…
applesLittle Miss Green Apple sketched July 5, 2014 at 1:00 AM
big son’s apples from my camera phone