Movies in My Eyes

Dear Friends,
I usually leave movie reviews to the pros, but this movie is too precious not to share. If the sweltering summer is getting to you and you’re in dire need of poignant humor, I highly recommend Run Fat Boy Run. I was surprised to learn this movie was directed by David Schwimmer of Friends fame. It stars Simon Pegg and is an endearing comedy with sweet emotional moments. As an added bonus, this darling cinematic piece inspires as well. It makes one want to tie up the old, dusty Converse and ‘just do it’ (or is that Nike’s old slogan :-)). I’ve been working out to Run Fat Boy Run’s soundtrack which is equally entertaining and motivating. A lyrical snippet from the Story Problem song, by The Envy Corps inspired ‘Movies in My Eyes’ guy –

Movie Eyes

Movie Eyes

Thank you and goodnight. May warm-hearted laughter fill your dreams…


6 thoughts on “Movies in My Eyes

    • Besides the music, the soundtrack also has my favorite dialogue snippets from the movie –
      I really like all the songs – it’s a great mix
      AnnMarie 🙂
      reading away – comments to follow 😉


    • It’s a lot of fun – Hank Azaria is in this as well – there is a scene where Hank is naked, but you don’t see anything – they fill the scene with humor …
      It’s great fun and has a lovely ending – and I absolutely adore the little boy who plays Simon Pegg’s son
      AnnMarie 🙂


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