Can’t Forgive and Forget – Memory Chip Implant

Dear Friends,
I often joke how I don’t dislike anyone. I can never remember what it is I shouldn’t like, so I love all people and lead a charmed life.

“Pentagon backs brain implant project,” read an editorial headline in this morning’s paper. I’m sure many of you have already read about ‘memory chips’ somewhere over the past year. “A device that can be surgically installed in the brain to help form, store and recall memories.” Neuroprosthetics is the stuff of great science fiction. What fun H.G. Wells would have had!

The Pentagon is coughing up tens of millions of dollars to fund neuroprosthetics research. According to the article, the initial end users are “…service members who suffered traumatic brain injuries…the first human test subjects will be people with memory difficulties caused by epilepsy.”

Hum, implants. There are folks out there obsessed with implants of all types – especially the ones that make things larger. Memory implant research could get quite interesting or at the very least, mildly terrifying… My heart would like to believe all parties involved with neuroprosthetics have only compassionate intentions, alas…

Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

Clion sometimes wishes he could forget – he can’t fly…
Thank you and have a spectacular weekend. May you recall and dream a bygone fantasy…

Clion created with Prisma, July 10, 2014.
Quoted editorial material taken from TImes Herald-Record, Middletown, NY