Dating Naked and World Peace

Dear Friends,
I was planning to write something fully dressed and sassy. Two things happened between last night and this morning that changed my mind.

Last night, the delicate daughter had seven friends over. Throughout the evening there was much googling and giggling. Around 9 PM, all eight teens gathered around the television. This is when the cacophony rose in intensity. Such was my curiosity, I swung wide my studio door. Two words instantly explained the hearty laughter and watering eyes, Dating Naked. Who knew? Apparently it’s a new ‘reality’ show where people – other animal species have already figured this out – meet each other au-natural. Now, I could say many things here as a mom of teenagers, as a former Catholic School girl, as a person who was raised to wear clothes, as a person who’d like to believe American audiences aren’t becoming this banal. I could have fun, but I won’t because it’s too easy. Maybe the talented Universal Federation of Tattoo Artists and not Pharmacological Intimidators Worldwide is sponsoring the show. Maybe Dating Naked will feature the kind of people who jiggle when they laugh. All I know is there was much laughter coming from my living room last night and it was soothing. Who knows, Dating Naked could become the next Seinfeld



This morning, a second thing contributed to changing my intended post. The AM newspaper headline made a lump form in my throat, ‘Jetliner shot down.’ Tragic events such as these boggle the mind and confuse the heart whether one comprehends the political complexities of world affairs or not. After reading the ensuing articles, the big son, Rocky the Shepherd and I went for a walk in the sunshine. I was chatting with the big son, telling him how I wasn’t in the proper mood to write light spontaneous. The big son, maturing into the good man he will be replied, “Mom, things happen that you have no control over. If there are no bright spots in the world, it will become a dark place.” Did I mention, the big son has been writing since his little feet dangled from an adult chair.

So the moral of my story for today is: life happens, some of it we have no control over and if a few naked people can make us laugh, so be it. Perhaps naked is the answer to world peace. Oh yes, and family and friends are the honest bright spots in an often dark world…
carmax hugThank you. May you restfully dream of peace (pjs optional) 🙂

Everybody, walkin’ by the river, now
(Share the land)
Every night, everybody laughin’
(Shake your hand)
Everybody singin’ n’ talkin’
(Share the land)
Smilin’, laughin’, diggin’ each other
(Share the land)

Ethereal Being generated with Prisma pencil last night between bouts of laughter. Photo of big son and delicate daughter taken in Vermont by Lake Champlain, 2005…
Partial Lyrics from the song, Share the Land as sung by The Guess Who 


15 thoughts on “Dating Naked and World Peace

  1. I received some internet ad the other day for that show (not sure what I’ve typed to make the ad gods think that I might be interested in that sort of thing, but so be it) and I thought it was a joke. The more you know. And your son sounds lovely and wise 🙂


    • I’d never even heard of the show until last night. Honestly, I was taken aback for a moment but when I heard the kids laughing, I thought well as long as they look upon it with humor. It’s voyeuristically depressing otherwise…
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Weekend!


  2. Gosh, what a perfect post, AnnMarie. You’ve touched the essence of comedy and tragedy and brought us out as better people for having read it. Dating Naked (who knew?) and a downed airliner — two desperate things, yet so perfectly in tune … I don’t even know how to express my meaning, but it’s there … :).


    • It was a happy/sad thing – I didn’t know how it would end ’til it ended. Thank you as always, Deb for the kind words. I’m going to check Allie Brosh’s book out this weekend hopefully they have it at B&N. My folks are coming for a visit…my mom and I like to sneak out for over-priced coffee drinks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve actually thought about getting a part-time job at B&N … but then, all my paycheck would simply go back into the company for books purchased! 🙂 Have a great weekend with your mom!


      • Books are always a wonderful purchase, unless, the money is needed for silly things like food. 😉 Way back when, I used to work in a bakery. Suffice it to say I began one summer in pants I could fit another person in. By the time autumn rolled around, the posterior part of my pants ripped from over-exertion 😉
        AnnMarie 🙂
        If I worked at B&N my mouth would need to be surgically removed from the coffee spigot 😉


  3. You are so fortunate to have a bookstore to sneak to, AnnMarie…when Border’s closed that left Visalia without a store selling new books (besides Target and WalMart, that is). I think so often ridiculous things such as Dating Naked come along in time to keep us from hysterics over airline crashes and other disasters. As long as we can continue to find the humor in ridiculousness, we will be able to deal with the truly difficult things. Hugs to you tonight. – Fawn


    • Hi there Fawn,
      One of my sister’s works for a land conservancy and she’s always fighting to preserve open spaces and she rallies against pipelines and doesn’t sleep well at night because she is a bundle of nerves. I have a brother in the FBI who is out there trying to keep things safe, another sister tries improving the working conditions for the special needs population… When my extended family gathers, we enjoy each others company. Aside from serious conversations, there’s also much laughter…it helps.
      You have a beautiful weekend and I’ll make a bookstore wish for you 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


    • Thank you, I appreciate that. I do my best to tie things together, sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I do always try to keep a positive message in my posts. At the end of a hard day in a tough world, it’s nice just to smile.
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Sunday

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