Dear Friends,
As humans go, I’ve been thinking and having thoughts. I’ve reflected upon the past few months and retraced my blogging journey thus far. It’s been about five months give or take since I paddled into WP. Along the way while finding the proper vessel, I’ve met interesting, intelligent, talented and human kinds of people – the type you wouldn’t mind meeting in a café and sipping drinks with. I’ve stopped at many blog homes. Some visits short, some stretching longer than others. Some infinitely more lasting. All kinds of blogging folks with all sorts of histories and dreams.

Dropping the big son off to wrestling practice today, we passed many people out and about. They were running, walking, chatting, walking dogs, pushing strollers, cycling…I found myself wondering what each of their journeys has been like so far. What were their histories? Their sorrows? Their joys? So many of us, so many dreams out there on the sidewalks, passing by wearing rubber ‘souls’…

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved horses. I continued loving horses, even after I was told I was too big to ride the miniature pony at a birthday party in third grade. It’s interesting how our childhood dreams – mine was being up to neck in all things horse – keep us and don’t let go, like willful children who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘no.’ In the end maybe the childhood dream that sticks, is the glue that holds the spirit together. And where there is spirit, there is hope. Where hope flows, therein lies strength. Where strength clasps, life catches – it all comes back to your beautiful dream…

My Horse Art from Age 13:

pastel horsesAbove is a pastel. Next two charcoal sketches below were drawn at age 14, from Breyer’s Horse Models I wish I still had-

foalpintoThis next was a small oil painting I did at Age 16, Misty of Chincoteague-

mistyI’m thinking since I was going on 17 other things came into the ‘picture’ for a while. I stopped drawing horses. I went to college then off to an eleven year publishing career. Next up, is a large 5’x5′ painting where at 30 years of age, I was feeling nostalgic for my horses. It was inspired by a wooden carving I found at a flea market-

conquistadorGot married, had kids, no horses for a while but plenty of bumpy rides. Painted this next oil, another large canvas 6’x3′ at 40, after getting a handle on the whole childrearing thing, though I couldn’t get primary colors out of my head-

primary horsesI’ve since discovered the meaning of life – I think it’s what we give meaning too. This next one I did 2 days ago with a smile on my face-

In Pearls

In Pearls

Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of gorgeous white horses galloping across the universe. ‘Godsteed’ to you and your dreams…


12 thoughts on “‘Godsteed’

  1. Beautiful words and art! Wow! Such talent at an early age.
    Interesting how your work matured as you have. But it’s all wonderful.
    I also love your latest work in all its quirkiness.

    I have a fear of horses. I rode many times as a teenager and got thrown quite a bit. The horse always senses my fear. So I don’t ride horses. But they are gorgeous animals.


    • Hi there, Pam. Thank you much. I’m glad my work looks a bit different then it did wayyyy baccccckkkk wheennn (hey, there’s an echo in here or it could be my wrinkling ears). I’m going through a quirk, that’s for sure and having a mighty swell time of it! I have lots of monsters and wildlife I’ve not put up yet, but all in ‘good time’ as the Wicked Witch of the West tells Dorothy…
      My dream, of course, would be to actually be in possession of a real live horse one day. For now I settle for my silly little horsey collections around the house. Maybe a good fairy will breathe life into them if I behave 😉
      Sorry to hear you got thrown quite a bit – you know what they say about getting back in the saddle – like I too would like to get back on the cycle seat 😉
      You have a wondrous thursday – it is thursday tomorrow, right?
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. Oh. My. Gosh. AnnMarie! You were always a great artist! I mean, when I read that you did those horses when you were in your teens — well, that blew me away. Dang! (as we used to say — now I’m afraid it’s something a little stronger, in private). Anyhoo, I’m glad you’re keeping with your dreams — of horses, of writing and art, of blogging! I think I’ve been blogging about 4.5 months, and there have been times I start to think “What in the heck am I doing?” But then, as Beckett says, “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” Speaking of writers: Did you know that when I was in grade school I and a few other students went to the Young Authors day-out conference (to promote writing) and the guest speaker was Marguerite Henry, author of Misty of Chincotague. I have an autographed keychain around here somewhere. A few years ago, I went out and bought a couple of her books and so enjoyed re-reading them (or maybe reading them for the first time; when I was young, I wasn’t exactly a “major reader”). Anyways, thanks for taking me back to a fond childhood remembrance — and thanks for doing what you do! 🙂


    • You know Debra it’s funny – we humans have the capacity to fill ourselves with lots of qualities. For a long while, in my youth especially, I was one of those who filled myself with doubts. I have an older sister who is an amazing artist. Growing up, she was really known to all as the ‘artist’. I was the middle child who played sports, wrote in her diary, acted moody or silly depending on the day…the art part wasn’t taken too seriously, therefore, I didn’t take it too seriously. Now that I’m a tiny bit smarter and loads less hung up, I enjoy writing and art. It’s always been in my life, but it’s different somehow. I have a clearer direction and I’m enjoying the journey wherever it takes me. For the past nine years I’ve sent out ten manuscripts (I don’t remember if I ever mentioned this) most of these stories have been YA/MR fantasy works. 3 big publishers had expressed initial interest for 3 different manuscripts. I haven’t yet gotten passed the point of the initial interest stage though. Now I have a Happy Rejection file that keeps me going. It tells me 2 things. 1 – My writing has possibilities. 2 – I have a long way to go to improve. So there it is in a nutshell – my art/writing life so far. I would be thrilled beyond measure at some point to be published. I believe in my heart that is my ultimate goal. A book incorporating art and writing in some capacity. So we shall see.
      In the meantime, I’ll keep plodding along enjoying the old horse and cart journey. It’s really quite amazing. I think I’ve taken to blogging because it really does keep one in a regimen of sorts – writing and arting. My next biggest challenge is somehow putting those blocks of time together to pull off the hope…
      Blogging also is like having wonderful chats with friends while sipping invisible coffee – I see you that way and do so appreciate all your kindnesses. As I appreciate what you do. I admire so, your level of commitment to the animals. You are one of those special people out there making a difference. And truth be told, we need so many more of you than people who make pretty things.
      AnnMarie 🙂
      You have a wondrous thursday!


    • Hah! The ‘ra’ is kind of fun though, don’t you think!
      How goes your trip! I emailed you too – can’t wait!
      I’m cleaning up blog – I don’t know why certain posts are getting tweeted – strange – I’m going back and reconnecting images. Didn’t realize how screwed up the old posts were.
      See you guys soon 😉


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