“Greight” Red Swan Shoes

Dear Friends,
I don’t subscribe to the theory of numbers influencing our lives in strange and exotic ways. I’d like to believe, we make our own way and life happens. Though I don’t support numerology, I am quite fond of eight’s design. The figure eight is a pretty thing and much can be embellished upon its infinitely binding shapes  –


The number eight is also splendid for another reason. I have it on good authority that red swan shoes will be all the rage this coming autumn. For the modest price of $8 dollars, you can purchase your own glamourous pair of fashion-forward, red swan shoes…

Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of skating flawless figure eights across the ice in your beautiful red swan shoes…
all for one and one for all  (‘for’ + ‘for’ = eight)  😉

Red Swan Shoes created July 20, 2014 under a bright blue sky


6 thoughts on ““Greight” Red Swan Shoes

  1. While 8 isn’t “my number” (LOL), I do agree with you that it’s stylish and elegant in its own way. And those red swan shoes — very cool (although I doubt I could carry them off!). 🙂


  2. Again it is crazy! Late last night something out of a complete blue, had me turn to a numerology site….number 21, (turned to a 3/something) and here you are with a numerology post lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*


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