The Point

Dear Friends,
There is a beautiful little fable that was written by the late, great Harry Nilsson long ago. It’s a musical wonderland called The Point. The Point (music album then 1971 movie narrated by Ringo Starr) is about a round-headed boy named Oblio, his dog Arrow and their journey through a pointed world. Like that unique red-nosed reindeer, Oblio is ‘different.’ His head is round while all other townies are privileged with pointed heads. Oblio wears a pointed cap to conceal his ‘pointless’ condition. Unlike Rudolph who’s shunned by his peers, Oblio is accepted, but there’s always an evil count lurking around some pointed tree.

As you have probably have surmised, Oblio’s round headedness gets him banished to the Pointed Forest – where no living person has ever made it out. Not only does Oblio survive, he meets an entire woodland cast of unique individuals, like the Rock Man. Each character encapsulates an interesting perspective on life. Oblio listens and learns. He eventually finds his way out and returns to the Land of Point where he speaks of self-acceptance and how “…everything has a point, so I must have one too…” The  townspeople cheer and are glad to have Oblio back safely.

The Point by Nilsson, doesn’t only send a beautiful message, the music and lyrics are as utterly whimsical as they are magnificently melodic.

Inspired by all shapes great and small, I give you “Out of Shapes” Man-

Shapes Man

Shapes Man

Thank you and goodnight. May you wake with a round-head full of sharp wit…:-)


14 thoughts on “The Point

    • Oh don’t do that – I’m having a good old time inventing friends who might enjoy frolicking about the glen or the nearest coffee shop 😉
      I’m racking my brain thinking of a show tune I might marry with a comment for a witty retort, but I’ve been listening to The Point all day and have been sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the ocean…;-)
      I hope all is well with you 🙂


      • Perhaps one day you can tell me what fascinates you so regarding the drawings of your quirky and sometimes scary characters? I’d love to hear it first hand. Oh heavens, when you mentioned The Point, I thought you were referring to the song posted on my sight today by ‘Starpoint’ You should remember that song. . . we’ll go with that instead of a nifty show tune. I’ll forgive you this time.


      • Of monsters, menageries and melodies – I adore them all. For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve always been fascinated by monsters and creatures. Ever since I was a shaggy-haired kid, I’ve appreciated convincing werewolf transformations and love the illusions behind them. Perhaps I missed my calling and should have gone into special effects makeup. Though I am captivated by creatures and monsters, I don’t enjoy out and out gore – as can be found in today’s slasher flicks (bouncing chick running about in heels trying to run from ‘uber-intelligent’ guy with chainsaw). That being said, I’ve never lost my childhood fascination of monsters. There is something moving about their strength and sadness. When I sit to create a whimsy creature or a frightening monster, I’m not quite sure where things are going to lead. I kind of just let my brain wander and see what manifests. I loved the 4:30 movies with Vincent Price. Jaws is one of my favorite flicks. I cry every time King Kong falls. I love American Werewolf in London and Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein…my daughter and I watch FaceOff… I adore mythology and can’t get enough of Ensor, Munch and Goya. I love Poe though I wish he could have written more without being drugged out – so one could know his genuine mind…Stephen King and Anne Rice are pretty amazing…
        My daughter is named after a Harry Nilsson tune…a gorgeous ballad – Caroline, not Neil Diamond’s song though Sweet Caroline was a fun high school band football game tune to listen to on an autumn day sitting on the bleachers…and Nilsson’s musical fable The Point is one of my all time favorite things to wind down with… I didn’t remember the band Starpoint – so I googled and listened and remembered and smiled – thank you for that – those fond memories of big-hair days – when the biggest worry was – will I be taller than too many guys if I poof my big hair and wear heels…oh, when things were simple and worries were non-existent.
        And I love my show tunes, so ready up for the next Roger’s and Hammerstein link 😉
        Hope all is going well for you. I would seriously consider doing something with your writing beyond blogging…the market is ripe for raw and real…
        AnnMarie 🙂
        I hope I answered your question 🙂


      • You did, thank you so very much! Don’t forget my favorite. . . The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I felt so sorry for him. I don’t do slasher movies, no imagination whatsoever. Some things are better left to our imaginations.
        Cheers Miss,


      • I have a file of drawn monsters and now and again I release one. The Lagoon Creature is in there – and at some point he’ll surface.
        Yes, the imagination is far greater –
        Happy Writing…


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