White Teeshirts and Evil Blueberries

Dear Friends,
What is it about white teeshirts and blueberries? You’re wearing an innocent white teeshirt and some evil blueberry squirts you from an IHOP pancake. You’re only at the IHOP because you promised your wonderful children you’d treat them. You can’t let an evil blueberry sour your smile. So you suck it up and wear the nasty purple-stain like a badge of honor – earned while keeping a promise.

Isn’t life a little like blueberries and white teeshirts? You wear life everyday. Sometimes unkind people try to darken your outlook. You can remove their nasty influence, by coming clean and starting over. You can let them stain you and forever carry their mark. You can get creative by concealing the dark spot, but you know it’s still there. You can choose to let unkind persons unnerve you so much, that you choose not to wear life as it should be worn.

So I say wear white teeshirts my friends and when some evil blueberry squirts you; wash, rinse and repeat. Don’t let evil blueberries get the better of you. Stay happy, teach the blueberries to be kind and lead fruitful lives… 🙂

Blue Monster never recovered from a bad blueberry day. He’s working on it –

abomnimble Thank you and goodnight. May you dream you’re floating on a giant banana, upon a river of juice surrounded by lush, overgrown fruit trees ripe with good fortune…
Blue Monster created 2010 while wearing a clean shirt 😉 


6 thoughts on “White Teeshirts and Evil Blueberries

  1. I personally blot out stains, even those caused by people with the clorox bleach pen in gel form!!! By the way, blueberries are my favorite berry. . . like you needed to know that. I too love watermelon and mango. . . just sayin


    • You know, I once owned one of those nifty pens but I lost the cap… I managed to get the blueberry stain out with ‘Shout!’ I agree with you on the berry choice -blueberries are quite delicious 🙂 I’ve taken to buying the little watermelons – so very easy to slice…you have a terrific weekend…
      AnnMarie 🙂
      ps the town of Warwick in Hudson Valley, NY has a WInery and DIstillery, apparently they’ve been producing Black DIrt Bourbon and are releasing a new batch – I wonder if the black dirt makes a difference as there are only a few areas in the country that can boast of black dirt?


      • Isn’t that about the only color dirt is? At least my boys seem to locate that color of dirt quite easily!!! Maybe I should sprinkle some in my bourbon glass 🙂


      • Oh no my friend, this dirt is special – very black left over from ancient glacial lakes…
        But you go ahead and sprinkle away, who knows maybe you’ll be on your way to developing your own brand 😉
        I can envision a very hip old typewriter label 🙂


  2. Such wise words, AnnMarie. And today it wasn’t blueberry that got on my t-shirt (though I dearly love blueberries) but Starbucks coffee as I tried to sip and drive. I plan to wash, rinse and repeat! Have a great weekend!


    • I love blueberries too, just not the evil ones 😉 Coffee can misbehave as well – it’s always more tragic when it’s Starbuck’s 😉
      You too Debra – a wonderful weekend!
      AnnMarie 🙂


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