Off With Their Heads!

Dear Friends,
It’s ‘amazing’ this United States – this glistening “city upon a hill.” The history behind Puritan America and the English Civil War – as with any documented birthing – was freakishly inhumane at many turns. The pains, and I mean pains suffered to eventually separate church and state ‘somewhat.’ I had no idea what I was getting into when I selected, Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul at our local library. For the past week, I’ve listened to John Barry’s book on CD, beginning with the days in merry old England when kings were whacking off ears, boring holes through tongues, and my personal favorite hanging the offender, then cutting him down while still alive, castrating – dare he think about procreating, disembowling and finally chopping off ye head and skewering the distasteful object on a stick.

My ever-vigilant sixteen-year-old, mentioned Roger Williams College as a place of interest for furthering her education. I hadn’t put it together, until I realized Roger Williams was one in the same. This man’s story is a fascinating one. Oh, I’ve decided I like Roger Williams very much. He chose the “chaos of freedom and the loneliness of it,” to wealth, comfort and political power. He held the fundamental idea of live and let live. He sought religious toleration of all and for all. Roger Williams was an original thinker. He was also decent, caring and an uber-intelligent human being.

I’ll like Roger Williams even more if he doesn’t cost $60,000 a year 😉



Thank you. May you dream your ears remain attached so your dreams don’t fall out…
Scat created while under duress of listening to repetitive hung, drawn and quartered scenarios…


6 thoughts on “Off With Their Heads!

  1. I once did a research paper on Roger Williams and The Pequot Indian War. Wow! I’ll bet he didn’t know how expensive his namesake would become. I had no student loans or debt when I graduated… I had to work full time in college as I already had 1 child; of course I had no GPA to brag about either. (give and take) My first home didn’t cost $60,000! You’d better start peddling some of that artwork Missy. 🙂 Make it less scary and I’ll buy a small canvas.


    • What a cool guy Roger W. was – he stayed true to his principles ’til the very end. He was interested enough to immerse himself into the indigenous peoples’ culture, as to have an authentic communication and genuine understanding of them. RW costs about $30 a year in reality – I always throw the $60 out when talking about any institution out of NY (instate breaks are nice if they can be had). I wish I could speak with Roger W. ’cause I think he’d admit all for free.
      You began early and worked very hard, Sir. Wow, a young dad – so much responsibility. My GPA wasn’t brag-worthy either. I went for an extra 4 after high school to further my tan. I often worshipped the sun when I should have been learning about Matisse, Vermeer and Van Eyck… But, my folks spoiled us. They are the ones who worked so very hard, so their 6 kids could all have an education – I owe them much.
      I left a cushy salary to be home with my kiddies – no regrets (I don’ think 😉 ). I know the upcoming college costs are a bit chilling. My little art lessons pay for celery, tomatoes and dog food (if it’s on sale ;-)).
      You have to view my little monsters differently. Think of them as endearing misunderstood types, who beneath their sometimes thick, blue-green hides are quite sweet 😉 They are all created with love 🙂
      Hopefully – in the near future, getting the blog reworked. There will be a section for my art and there – I promise – you’ll see some pretty pictures 🙂 I think beyond selling a piece of art or two, I probably need to win the lottery 🙂
      You have a most spectacular day 🙂


  2. I wasn’t that young Missy. . . I had served one tour in the military when I had my first child…(correction) – when she had our first child. I was actually OLD for college. In fact, I was the oldest person in several classes. My tan was very important too! Surfing was many times the reason I was late for class and for dinner 🙂 Come to think of it, surfing has been the reason for many of my short-comings.


    • Oh, I see you timeline now. I’m glad you corrected who had the baby – for a minute a had a strange image in my head – kind of a male seahorse and pouch thing. Being a bit older in college I think would have served me well. I often daydream how grand it would be to return for the excitement of learning in an energized atmosphere. Did you not enjoy being a bit older while taking classes?
      Surfing – wow – amazes me. It must be something to be on a board skimming the water like a seabird…if I had any coordination and an ocean nearby school, I probably would have missed classes and dinner too…
      I have Paine’s bio on CD but haven’t started listening yet, today I opted for Les Mis. I keep playing, Bring Him Home – Colm Wilkinson sings this as Valjean – the man has a spectacular voice…


      • Gary Morris’ version Bring Him Home is quite breath-taking too. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy anything about college, even when I got my Masters in 2006. Have a nice evening.


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