Handi ‘Dunce’ Cap

Dear Friends,
We grow. We sometimes have children. We involve ourselves with other things other than ourselves. And we learn, sometimes.

As life has its ironies, mine has been no different. For the last four years, I’ve been a substitute teacher. I spent eleven years designing and developing textbooks. I’m a strict parent (though I do love fun and goofiness). I do this because my children must be smarter than I was at their age.

I was a willful child. My kindergarten teacher recommended that I repeat kindergarten. Her reason, “She doesn’t follow directions at all. She doesn’t WANT to follow directions at all.” I remember thinking, “But my way is better. The piano can be played from underneath.” My parents told Mrs. H, “Absolutely not. Our daughter is simply creative.” My parents gambled. They really couldn’t know if I was creative, only that I had great difficulty following directions. In truth, they didn’t want me to have the stigma of being in my younger sister’s class.

I recall my willful behavior put me into the classroom corner, and I think I remember a pointy hat. Could be with the passage of time, I dreamed the hat…or not…



I often find myself fighting against my inner-child. Funny, how these things stay with us. Now, I get quite annoyed at  some students when I’m subbing – they don’t follow directions! My way is best 😉

Thank you. May you dream this eve of brick buildings made of marshmallows, licorice chalk and smiling teachers.

Dunce Cap drawn August 20, 2014 while wearing a childlike smirk



9 thoughts on “Handi ‘Dunce’ Cap

  1. Love your drawing!!!
    It’s sad that a teacher wanted to hold you back because you didn’t follow directions. Sheesh! Good for your parents saying no.
    Good luck subbing. I’m sure you’re great at it!


    • Hi Pam – thank you, I’ve been feeling like drawing cute 🙂
      I’m glad you like Pixie. Yes, Mrs. H wanted to leave me back. I was a tough little girl – I think my tomboy stuff got me into lots of trouble. Back in the ’60s, as a little whipper snapper, I thought girls should be able to do everything boys do (well almost everything 😉 )
      I’m not really looking forward to subbing. I’d much rather be in my studio or in a frying pan 😉 but I must suck it up and earn money for cookies 🙂


  2. You know, I struggle with the idea of whether to follow the path — or veer my own way. Too often, I think, I’ve taken the former road when I should have swerved onto the latter. You may have been a “willful child,” as you say, but that willfulness certainly made you the wonderfully creative person you are today … so never apologize for not following directions! Look at what all you’ve created, imagined! 🙂


    • I guess so many of us struggle with our inner-children – keeps it interesting. Just make sure when you’re swerving, you don’t completely drive off the road 😉
      I know with directions, to this day I can get a bit feisty 😉
      Thanks, happy friday
      AnnMarie 🙂


  3. Hi, lovely daughter…I finally was able to get my computer to get to anntogether…thank goodness…I loved everything…especially of course Papa…will our grandchildren think of us so wonderfully?..I woke up late..8AM but still did my exercises for 45 minutes…Dad wants to go out for breakfast and the bowling alley to celebrate our 55th anniversary…what a wild number..I can’t believe it…so I will say goodby for now…we are planning to come up Monday for Max’s birthday…Love, Mom


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