Turning a Cavalier into a Cavonster

Dear Friends and Cavaliers,
There is something in our supple, formative high school years, something that sticks under the skin – good, bad or indifferent. Those of us that furthered our ‘acadamia’ beyond high school, wore notes pinned (Post-its not yet invented) to our collegiate chests like Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter: From here on in, do-overs are expensive.

High school in the seventies was saddle shoes. It was the energetic marching band playing, Sweet Caroline while we cheered from the bleachers trying not to spill watery hot cocoa. It was crushing on boys that were beginning to look like men. It was someone crushing on you, when you wouldn’t even date yourself. It was trying to link-in when many chains were clasped shut. It was admiring those who made it look easy. It was hiding in the open. It was saying goodbye to your cocoon, and hoping your wings worked.

My high school mascot was a Cavalier. I wished it was a fearsome beast, not a man with a plume hat. I’d have called our dangerous mascot a Caveast or a Cavonster –



Thank you. May a brave mascot escort you along dangerous dreams.
Cavonster created August 24, 2014, inspired by watching big son’s high school football practice.


6 thoughts on “Turning a Cavalier into a Cavonster

  1. Beautiful writing and artwork, AnnMarie! At least your mascot was the Cavalier — ours was the “Redskin,” which even as I write this is being reconsidered. Love that Caveast or Cavonster, though! Have a great week!


    • Thank you Debra. I had a varsity softball jacket – wish I knew where it went to – but, I always thought it would be great if it had a cool mascot like a dragon or a snarling wolf… I know, many of the old school mascots can not politically standup to the test of time…and appropriateness 🙂


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