The ‘Ugly’ Friend

Dear Friends,
I don’t get out much, at least to places with bars and bands. Last night, a good friend and I ventured out to one such establishment. We had lots to chat about and enjoyed much girlish giggling. The band wasn’t half bad. Groups of guys and dolls braved the small dance floor. Back in my twenties I did a great pelvic thrust, but alas, I now have pride .;-)

During the evening, my friend excused herself to the ladies room. I was left alone to either: A – make pretend I had lots of text messages, or B – crowd watch. I was observing a few minutes when ‘they’ or rather ‘she’ walked in with two others. Without getting too cliché, she ‘resembled’ Sandy (Olivia Newton John’s character) from the movie, Grease with a few exceptions: She too rocked a black spandex ensemble, but was showing a heck of a lot more cleavage. She was lots older. She enjoyed whipping her long, bleached hair around. Her companions were of the subtle variety. Their clothing had air-pockets. They walked in behind ‘her’ and maintained wing position regardless of the continued hair lashing.




Without knowing any of the three ladies and having a mojito under my belt, I concluded, which one was the ‘ugly’ friend.

Thank you. May you dream of giant dance floors and spinning on your toes.
Long Lady created with Prisma, August 25, 2014 with a mild headache.


13 thoughts on “The ‘Ugly’ Friend

  1. Sounds like fun (to be doing what you were doing — not to be the woman with the swinging hair)! Love that sentence “Their clothing had air-pockets.” And, of course, love the artwork.


    • Geez, Debra – I need to get out more often. That was the first time Helen and I got out together all summer, and she lives only 5 minutes away – sad. Who knows, when my locks gets long maybe I’ll be out there bouncing my hair around among other things 😉
      Have a terrific tuesday!
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. AnnMarie,
    I wanted to drop by and at least say ‘Hello.’ I thought I’d give it another try. I also wish to thank you for the lovely send off… I saved that drawing, it’s now a prized possession of mine. This post was so YOU and caused much laughter trying to imagine your face in all of this. This song came to mind the moment I finished reading this. Did they play this when she sashayed in?


    • Hey there bourbon boy! What a nice surprise – I sensed you needed some reflecting pool time. One can get caught up in the quagmire and feel quite stuck. You sound in a better place… Are you continuing with your blog as it was? Or just writing?
      I made the scary monster cute in homage. I’m glad you appreciate him – treat him well. He likes nice words and good company 🙂 He especially loves watching over the shoulder of excellent writers – so keep at your pen and paper art…
      I’m glad you found the post funny. I was laughing at the time too. I wanted to give the ‘whipped’ friends a healthy pep talk, but they made the choice to walk behind… gosh, I remember that tune and yes, ‘she’ moved just like the video gals but to a different song… not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless there is 😉 In the end though it’s, “to each his/her own,” “live and let live,” “let them eat cake!” geez, I should probably stop…
      Welcome back, Sir 🙂


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