Never Lost a Bar Fight

Dear Friends,
Going out the other night and observing some ‘dancerinas’ made me think back to a time when my demeanor wasn’t what it is today (I pray today it can be classified as somewhat thoughtful). My obnoxious 1980’s dance days may have brought me close a time or two to an honest to goodness brawl. Back then, whenever my inner-dancerina was in peril, out came my secret weapon – my younger sister. Dolores always kept one eye on me. She understood my need for attention and put up with my shenanigans. She had this wonderful way of gently coaxing me off Jersey Shore dance floors by wrapping her fist around my hair and pulling hard. She accepted my tendency toward ‘over’ expression. She knew it was a ruse. At twenty, I was under the delusion – staring eyes were imaginary compliments.  Though my sister is a whole year younger, she was, is and will always be, much smarter than I. So though I may have lost a few hairs on my head in the 1980’s, I never lost a bar fight thanks to my little sister.

The Dance

The Dance


Thank you. May you dream of dancing to your heart’s content and your feet never tire…

Dancing Bird spun onto paper August 25, 2014. I believe I’m being unduly influenced by my neighbor’s chickens.


10 thoughts on “Never Lost a Bar Fight

  1. What a wonderful dancerina! I must admit that there was a brief period of time (nearly 35 years ago now) when I was freshly single after my first marriage, that I spent some crazy evenings in bars wearing not nearly enough clothing and drinking way too much alcohol. I think I must have kept two guardian angels busy. But we grew up…Fawn


    • Dancerinas have fun, but then they must grow up and take care of the little dancerinas 😉
      Those guardian angels took special care of you, knowing you had/have much to do and others to care for 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Have a fantastic weekend!


  2. Hi Lovely Daughter, I am caught up to all your writings and pictures…everything is really wonderful..I love reading everything…I wish all your sisters and brothers could do this..I am learning a lot about you that I never knew…Love, Mom


    • Hi Mommy Dearest 😉
      You’re almost caught up – there are a few more posts after this one. I love that you’re taking the time to read my posts with your hectic schedule. It’s a good thing all your other sons and daughters don’t do this – I think the shock would be too great. Many things are best left in the past – only the funny stuff should be retold 😉
      The bottom of the top


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