I Prefer Wings to Armpits

Dear Friends,
Rocky and I were on our morning stroll when we observed five geese flying overhead. We both looked at them flapping happily against the sky. Rocky was thinking how delicious those flying chunky drumsticks might taste. I was thinking of wings. I want wings to soar. Who doesn’t want wings. Rocky and I were going on our fourth lap. The street was growing warm from the 9 AM sun. His long pink tongue was hanging out and my armpits were getting a bit sticky. Yes, I’d like wings instead of armpits.

Last night the sky was stunning. Having wings would be like brushing a canvas with azure blue – paint flowing seamlessly across linen – impressions surfacing from a few airborne strokes of thought. Yes, I’d like wings instead of armpits…
skyWings – not armpits – and I’m lovin’ everyone 😉



Thank you. May your dream wings fly you above the clouds and spirit you away to a place of peace for the night…

Lov’hen created three weeks ago under the continued influence of my neighbor’s chickens. Hey, chickens don’t fly, darn it!


12 thoughts on “I Prefer Wings to Armpits

  1. Surely they must make an antiperspirant strong enough so you can get through a walk without resorting to drawing a scary bird with hooves? God only knows what you’re sub-consciously saying with the heart shaped tattoo on her midriff. 🙂


    • Hey, she’s an adorable, misunderstood, funky chicken all the way down to her little tattoo 😉 And, I’m still searching for a miracle deodorant that doesn’t cost over $3. Perhaps, I’ll just pant like my dog – that seems to work 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Hope all is well in typist land, my little sailboat monster boy will telepathically let me know – he’s watching you 🙂
      Oh, yes, PS, I don’t know if you have any interest, but Tom Hanks came up with a new iPad app inspired by old-fashioned typewriters – it’s not out yet – Hanx Writer. Apparently, it emulates a traditional typewriter with all the bells and whistles – sounds like great fun!


  2. Oh, I love that little funky chicken lady! Or should I move the comma? Oh, I love that little funky chicken, lady! Either way, it works for me. So delightful! – Fawn


  3. Oh, I, too, love that funky chicken. And yes….wings to fly…..a dream of mine. Love this post, Dear Ann. It put a huge smile on my face. Thank you!!! Have a lovely holiday weekend!! ❤


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