Pencils Through Our Heads

Dear Friends,
It’s back to squeaking bus brakes, pencils in our ears, printers not working, heavy eye crust, bewildered pets and the hands-of-time on crack. The ground starts rushing by while we’re trying to tie our running shoes. But, it’s all good. There’s nothing bad here. Our children are learning – possibly math. We’re back to the regimen of it all. This time of year I begin my merry ‘Holiday’ countdown. Please join in if you’d like: $5000, $4000, $3,000… 😉

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow

Happiest of holidays, for those lucky enough to celebrate the day and/or have the day off!

Thank you. May you dream of golden buses and carefree schedules…
Pencil Head created August 31, 2014 with pencil and much erasing.


2 thoughts on “Pencils Through Our Heads

  1. Welcome back to the world we entered two weeks ago. I yearn for the times of school starting after Labor Day…here in Central California we begin somewhere in the first two weeks of August, depending on the district. And being a morning person amidst adults who are not, I do the school wake-up and delivery for the girls. Ah, the morning routine! Good luck this week!


    • Thank you Fawn.
      I want to stay in my studio and draw and write and possibly never leave 😉 – is that terrible, but alas, we must do what we must do. I hope you have a splendid school year as well. It will be fun 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


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