Trash Tossers

Dear Friends,
Driving down the road last week a window rolled down, an arm casually descended out, then came the chuck – the all too common paper cup chuck. Why? Why do some folks think it’s okay to chuck their paper cups? Driving down the road today a window rolled down, an arm casually descended out, then came the flick – the all too common cigarette flick. Why? Why do some folks think it’s okay to flick their butts?

My horn honks each time trash gets discarded onto the road. It’s an exercise in futility, and now, I’m polluting the atmosphere with noise. The folks doing the chucking and the flicking don’t care. Sad really. Sad for them. Sad for us. I’m working on a giant cardboard hand.

Driving down the road next week a window rolls down, an arm casually descends out, holding a cardboard hand with the sassy finger proudly extended at the cup chuckers and butt flickers…

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Thank you. May you dream of a sparkling planet and people who care to keep it sparkling.
Earth Chain created yesterday after witnessing a garbage tosser…


5 thoughts on “Trash Tossers

  1. Earth Chain rocks, AnnMarie! I know what you mean about people who toss/chuck out their empties and butts. What’s with that?! Do you remember when LBJ’s wife, Lady Bird, started the campaign to end litter? Well, it seemed to work, for a while, and now it doesn’t. I don’t understand it either. Well, here’s hoping you’re having a great evening — and a day tomorrow without chucks & butts (that sounds either a) vulgar, or b) like an ad campaign, product name, doesn’t it?). 🙂


    • Hi there Debra – it’s off to work I go. You watch people throw stuff – especially knowing the planet’s situation – and it’s just depressing – darn it!
      Have a fantastic productive day – you and your furry assistants 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      I like Chucks and Butts 🙂


  2. Not to defend the cup chuckers, but those will rot away. Still shouldn’t do that. The ciggy butts – I have seen the center medians in Michigan on fire along the freeways, likely due to butt chuckers. Our tax dollars being used wisely aye??


    • Hi there John,
      I guess it’s more the act of just discarding because they’d rather it be on the road than in their precious autos – and sometimes the cups are styrofoam. Darn these people – I don’t think there are many of them – just the same ones who keep it up. I don’t want to believe many folks do this-
      AnnMarie 🙂
      You have a great day!


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