Darkest Entertainment

Dear Friends,
Author of The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern vividly paints all manner of fantastical imagery within her traveling, black and white-themed circus. The magical spectacle only appears during the darkest part of night. As you can imagine, there is a colorful troupe of carnival characters – each specializing in something extraordinary – one such person is a Fortuneteller. She reads tarot cards and sees into the beyond.

My delicate daughter bought her first set of tarot cards a few weeks ago. She couldn’t resist. Barnes and Noble cleverly places bewitching, giant red dots on sales merchandise. She has since been learning the way of the cards. I was her first reading victim. According to the cards: My present looks hopeful. My future looks either quite amazing or very frightening. The delicate daughter wasn’t sure which. I guess I’ll have to wait and see…

Heart Jester

Heart Jester


Thank you. May you dream of good fortune throughout your present and future…
Red card Jester created after speaking with my dad about his winning casino outing.


5 thoughts on “Darkest Entertainment

  1. Love the Red Card Jester! And tarot cards … I didn’t even know B&N sold them! I’ll have to look in my store next time I go (which should be any day now). I suppose you’ve already taken your walk for the day — good for you! You have inspired me to get out in the mornings before I go to work. For that, I thank you!


    • He was fun to do – I thought his head was a bit too big then I decided to leave it and let him enjoy a huge cranium 😉 B&N sells many sneaky things and we always walk dangerously close to those darn red dot sales bins 🙂 Yes, the hubbie and I walked, now sipping coffee, of course, then off to get ready for whatever the day is going to bring.


  2. I think quite often our amazing futures are frightening…the cards are most likely right! I love my tarot and wish I knew how to use them better. And your red queen is delightful! – Fawn


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