Rocket Man Lives in My Car

Dear Friends,
Elton John’s prolific career has spanned across generations. Long ago, Sir Elton used a menagerie of props, costumes and wicked glasses, while effortlessly tapping the ivories. Today, he continues to be an outstanding entertainer in every possible direction. I’ve enjoyed his endless song portfolio over the years. But, something has been happening to my relationship with Elton of late. The giant husband has even noticed. I believe Elton John has taken up residence in my vehicle. Nearly every time I’m driving my car, an Elton song plays on Sirius radio. There have even been times I’ve changed the channel and he’s vocalizing on two or three stations simultaneously. I wish I was exaggerating. I’ve begun looking at my vehicle’s digital radio display for a duck wearing rhinestone glasses…

Elton's Lady

Elton’s Lady

Thank you. May your dreams rocket you to sleep…
Funky Glasses created after hearing three Elton songs in a row on various stations.


7 thoughts on “Rocket Man Lives in My Car

  1. Elton must have a message for you! 🙂 Seriously, when that kind of thing happens, you do have to wonder what the universe is trying to tell you (psst: Listen to more Elton!). 🙂


  2. Sir Elton is a great artist. His newer release with Gary Barlow is a great song, I have on the flash drive in my car. They recorded that song at Abbey Road Studios. I would LOVE to visit Abbey Road!


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