Elevated Noses

Dear Friends,
Rocky and Mojo’s noses are works of art, like the flora their long snouts enjoy sniffing.

rockymojoI like pretending my dogs are elevated thinkers who appreciate nature’s colorful tapestry. So when the boys relieve themselves on defenseless flowers they’re simply saying, “Oh, the perennials are exquisite. We’re only peeing on your flowers to keep the plant vermin away.”

Ram Eye

Ram Eye

Thank you. May your bedroom be awash in floral scents to dream away on…
Horns and Flower Pots created after taking the boys on a nature hike.



7 thoughts on “Elevated Noses

  1. Ooo, I love those photos of your canine boys! Love the angle. And “Horns and Flower Pots” is adorable, too! The kind of character I’d expect to find hanging out in nature. (I’m done teaching for the week, hooray! Hope you’re enjoying these start-of-autumn days!)


    • They had fun posing, though they don’t look too happy do they 😉 I like the little flower pot guy – kinda like a Home Depot Minnie Pearl 🙂
      Hope you had a great week of teaching.:-) I’ve got 4th grade tomorrow – yikes! The big son has a 4 pm football game and then my sweet daughter is having other sweet darlings over for the evening…
      The days are absolutely beautiful.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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