When You’re Lonely, Tell Your ‘Tail’

Dear Friends,
Those of you kind enough to pass by here and read occasionally know I’m a substitute teacher. Oddly, knowing what I know now, I’ve come to realize there are no substitutes for teachers. And, after four years of walking institutional hallways, I’ve also become a keen observer of student faces. Sometimes, the sea of faces makes me a bit blue. The stoic countenances – not the ones miserable to be in school, or the teens who didn’t want to wake at 7 AM – but the students who give the impression they could use a good friend or two. These down-turned mouths make me think back to my school face.
catholic school

So I came up with a friend who has the heart of a lion, the resourcefulness of a cat and the ability to find comfort in conversing with someone else – even if it is his own tail.

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

Thank you. May you dream of one thousand magical tales and one dear friend…
Blue Lion Tail created yesterday after subbing


10 thoughts on “When You’re Lonely, Tell Your ‘Tail’

  1. What a wonderful post! As it happens, it fits perfectly with a post I’ve read today on Patricia McConnel’s blog, who is an animal behaviourist and works mostly with dogs. Here: http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theotherendoftheleash/assistance-dogs-international-or-does-the-i-stand-for-inspiring — she’s been writing about this conference and today she told about an abused child who was so traumatized that she wouldn’t speak to the therapists and investigators. She did talk to a therapy dog, though. Maybe schools could use therapy dogs, too. Maybe schools should get involved with shelters, to help with walking and caring for the animals. That would be another source of ‘tail to tell to,’ and help both, kids and shelter animals.


  2. This is so sweet! We live on a corner that’s a school bus stop and I’ve also done my fair share of volunteering in school and I agree that the lonely faces are the most troublesome. Thanks for the day brightener!


    • Volunteering is wonderful! It keeps one close to the kiddies and the schools. Children need to be ensconced in role models 🙂 Perhaps, other smiling faces brighten sad children’s outlooks…
      Thank you for the kind words too.
      AnnMarie 🙂


    • I love the little blue lion too – I think he’d make a great friend – he’s really very sweet and if he had someone wonderful to chat with like you Debra, he’d be gloriously happy!
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Sunday


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