I’m Getting a Blogtox Injection

Dear Friends,
I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen – perhaps by week’s end – but my site will be down temporarily. If all goes according to plan, I should return in a day or two. If my blogtox injection goes south, things may take a bit longer. I’m having a lovely, straightforward and user-friendly redesign done. The most important aspect of the revision is the pulldown menu for my artwork and writing. You fabulous people can simply go to the pulldown menu to view art that’s been in my posts and other misc. pieces. The writing portion will take a bit longer to set up. I’d like to place portions of manuscripts there.

I’m hoping and dreaming (mostly because I can’t sing like Maria ‘Meneghini’ Callas or play my new banjo) to have some artwork published, before I hit an age where my children fight over whose turn it is to visit me in the ‘home’… Right now I have one concept for a children’s book and another concept for an adult ‘whimsical’ art book. I’d like to send ‘publishers’ and other interested nice folks to my site where artwork and writing can be viewed..
Desire, diligence, dreaming and duck luck will decide my fun future fate…



Until then, I’ll continue posting and dreaming that you continue visiting. You know how I adore your wonderful companionship. I’ll do my best to visit you as well (assuming I haven’t thrown my MacBook out the window) 🙂
Thank you…



20 thoughts on “I’m Getting a Blogtox Injection

    • Ah thank you Skye.
      It’s a nice simple design. I wanted something without a lot of stuff on it. The most important thing to me are the pull downs where a visitor can look at just art…
      Thank you for the well wishes – it is like living in a dream when our ‘real’ dreams become realized…here’s to dreaming and hoping and lots of praying 🙂


  1. Well, like minds definitely do think alike! I’ve been thinking of revamping my site as well, but I haven’t had time to think it through. Good for you for making your change happen! I’ll look to you and your blog for inspiration. Best wishes! I know you’ll be glad you added those pulldowns — and what a great way to showcase your excellent writing and artwork! Your green man today made me literally LOL … so sweet, funny!


    • Hi there Debra,
      If all goes according to plan, the site should be up next week. It’s nice and simple. Quite plain actually and it’s just what I wanted. I look at many sites that bobble my eyes with lots of flashy stuff – I wanted clean and those pull downs are the thing making the difference for me. One can just look at art… I’m so glad you liked botox/blogtox dude
      Have a great thursday! No school for my kiddies tomorrow.


      • No school tomorrow! Dang, are you guys lucky! 🙂 Say, I meant to ask you: are you doing the upgrade yourself, having someone else do it, or paying WordPress to do it? I’m trying to decide what to do.


      • My sister’s friend’s sister (that’s a mouthful) has done the work. She used a different WP theme called Suffusion. It has many more options and widgets… The process has taken a while because of our schedules, but we’re just about there. She was quite reasonable. If you want more info. let me know and I’ll email you 🙂


    • Same address, just some window dressing and nothing fancy. It’s really function over form. A sister of my sister’s friend (did you just follow that ’cause I almost didn’t) has done the basic redesign using a different theme with more bells and whistles…


  2. AM – what a great idea to get publishers to look at your stuff! And picturing you in a home – paint brush in hand, portraiting the walls!


  3. I love your green botoxed person…makes me think of meeting Nancy Pelosi a few years back and realizing that her face just about can’t move…ah, well. Can’t wait to see your new site. Don’t be gone too long — I rely on your inspiring posts! – Fawn


    • Hi there Fawn,
      I hope the Olive Garden is becoming a lovely paradise for you 🙂
      Mr. botox/blogtox was fun to do – I couldn’t wait to stick his eyes upward 🙂
      The new site is nice and simple, not a lot of ‘hooha.’
      I’m so happy about having pulldowns where you can just go and look at art in one place…
      Ideally, it will switch over this weekend. Assuming everything goes according to plan, I should be up and running next week early. There is a slight chance it won’t happen until next weekend. And that would be my fault because I threw in a last minute change.
      Have a wondrous thursday. And thank you for the kind words 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


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