Tom Hanks Has Made Me So Appy!

Dear Friends,
With thousands – maybe it’s millions – of Apps out there none have excited me until now. I speak of the little App created by Tom Hanks. I don’t know too many folks who don’t like Tom Hanks. He’s way too darn lovable and uber-talented. ‘App’arently, Tom has the midas touch wherever he places a finger. His Hanx Writer App is doing monstrously well. No surprises there.

A great friend – who claims she still enjoys my company, despite the fact she was my Admin. Asst. for many years – sent me the information on the Hanx Writer. I’ve since fallen in love. Once Tom’s little gem is downloaded, your iPad is magically transformed into an old-fashioned typewriter. Your tablet will click and clack and even make the sweet bell bing when you hit the return. Check it out, if you’re sentimental about old world technology or you just adore Tom Hanks.



Thank you. May you dream of a magical App that transforms your life in wondrous ways…
Octa-app created after my friend told me about the Hanx-Writer. 
Countdown ’til blog redesign – 2 days maybe…


12 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Has Made Me So Appy!

  1. I’m going right to the App store to check out the Hanx Writer — sounds too cool! I’m like you about apps; I don’t always get too fussed about them. But this one definitely sounds like fun. Best of luck with the redesign. Excited to see it! 🙂


    • I love the clickety clacking sounds and the little bell. It’s fun. Those sweet sounds bring me back to my purple room, parakeet chirping away in the corner, Breyers’ horses on the shelves and a grey typewriter on the desk that I used for my sleuthing days as Kolchak, The Night Stalker.
      I hope the redesign goes this weekend – thanks 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Thursday!


  2. Hi! I agree it’s a really cool app, but the last time I checked, it doesn’t export in an editable format–only like a pdf. Is that still true? Does that bother you? I really like the idea of having the typewriter sounds, but couldn’t get past the export function.

    What do you use it most for?


    • Here’s where you realize, “Hey this AnnMarie is not together at all”! I asked my big son to download the app onto his iPad, because his mom doesn’t have a tablet. All I use it for when I’m on his iPad is to hear the melodic sounds of an old typewriter. My adolescent heart was heavily connected to an old typewriter that I kept in my room as a kid. I would make pretend I was a newspaper reporter and type articles about monsters lurking like Kolchak, The Night Stalker…
      I officially admit – I’m lame 🙂

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      • No! Not lame at all! I think that’s one of the points of the app, isn’t it, to bring back those memories? Damn that Hanks. When my mom got an electric typewriter, I decided it would be fun to retype a whole book. I think I got through 2 pages before realizing how pointless it was, though FUN. She didn’t even comment, LOL.


      • I like the pointless apps best 😉
        Thanks for making me feel less lame! 🙂
        It is fun pushing buttons, isn’t it! My kids keep telling me, I’m going to break my MacBook – I pound the keys way too hard. I suppose it’s why I enjoy playing the piano. When my 79-year-old mom is visiting, I often tell her she’s going to break my phone. She pushes buttons way too hard! 😉

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      • Do you still have Kolchak, the Night Stalker? That would be FUN to look at! I also punch the keys on computer keyboards, especially when trying to get out a bunch of ideas in a short time, hehe.


      • I have my dear Kolchak on tape – you could probably find him on Amazon. If I remember correctly – a few years back BBC ran, ‘Brilliant but Canceled’ and Kolchak episodes were featured 🙂
        Punching things works too!


  3. Tom Hanks has made a lot of great movies and he Will forever be ranked among the top actors in history .will check out the app , sounds entertaining 🙂 .curious about the new blog design 🙂 hope all is well ❤


    • It’s just a silly little app – but I know you love magical sounds – and if you love old typewriters SImon – this app makes you smile.
      My blog design is very simple – nothing fancy at all. I wanted something clean and user friendly because I find technology mind-boggling. The pulldown menus are exciting to me – ’cause you can just look at artwork – 🙂
      Happy Friday!!!!
      I’ve pulled out the muscled ‘Peaceful Man’ art I drew for your post and put him in the sidebar. He best explains the “Earth” I always place in my drawings. It’s my little way of trying to help – we all share this one planet… You inspired Peaceful Man 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Hope your family is well and congrats again on your family’s newest addition!!!!


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