Got Balls?

Dear Friends,
Though our school district was closed in observance of Rosh Hashanah, 8 AM yesterday, I dropped the big son off at the high school for football practice. He is fast learning the art of sports – sacrifice. Sports do not care what day it is. Sports do not ‘discriminate.’  You grab the balls, you take them on the field, you throw them around and you learn that self-improvement – no matter the venue – only happens when you are physically, as well as mentally in the game…

Life is like that too. Isn’t it? We must be present, both physically and mentally for improvement to occur. We must bring our balls and place our feet firmly on the field. We must all participate in the sport of life. (Hey, I smell a bumper sticker somewhere in there 😉 )

Alien Balls

Alien Balls

Thank you. May you all dream of  ‘Jeter’ fanfare when you retire…
Got Green Balls created a few weeks ago after washing big son’s smelly football uniform 🙂
Blog Redesign Countdown – 2 days hopefully…


10 thoughts on “Got Balls?

  1. I like your philosophy on this fine, dark morning. For you see, I was thinking of lazing around and maybe not going out for my morning walk. But as you say, one must be present and feet on the field (or sidewalk in this case), so I’m going to lace up my gym shoes and hit the road soon. Thank you for the inspiration, and have a great day! 🙂


    • Hey there Debra-
      So the balls bounced on your head did they 😉
      I was iffy about this morning’s title – it is a little risque for me, but I’m living dangerously these days 😉
      Hope you are having a splendid friday and enjoy a glorious weekend!


  2. Hi AnnMarie, I have to apologize for my delayed response again. This time I had technical problems with software and the computer but fortunately in two days I have already solved it.
    I don’t know how many millions of thanks I owe for your helping promoting to Sketch. Sincerely I don’t know, I have not the calculator here.
    Today I’ll finish expressing to you my admiration for the rich shades of green I’ve seen in one of these ‘ones funny Martians. Thanks again and XOXO.


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