I Naturally

Dear Friends,
Well, my blogtox injection must wait until this coming weekend. Such are plans…

I share with you an illustration from my college years. I created this stylish gal for a Corporate Identity Class. After the completion of my coursework, I Natural Cosmetics, offered me a job. I accepted. I worked in ‘their’ mall store during my junior year. The manicurist applied long, red acrylic nails on my fingers and my hair was teased to the hi hats. I sold ‘Clinique’ like cosmetics and did makeovers. I learned a very important lesson that year; Young girls want to be slathered in obvious makeup, but older women want to look like they aren’t wearing any. Who knew?
Ah, the wrinkle-free skin and wrinkle-less grey matter of youth 😉

I NaturallyThank you. May you all dream of mature minds and youthful skin 🙂
(Oil Pastel – this illustration is 30 years old – she needed a touchup too)


17 thoughts on “I Naturally

  1. Great illustration, AnnMarie, which shows at an early age your obvious ample talent. Looking forward to your “new” blog platform in the coming days. Have a great week! 🙂


    • Hi there Debra,
      She was just one of many pieces for the CI Class – I had to come up with a logo design, sales vehicle decals…it was quite involved. I’m glad she survived after all this time – other pieces didn’t fare as well.
      There was a blip so the ‘new’ blog will go up this coming weekend.
      I hope you are having a ‘relaxing’ 😉 monday and that your teaching is going well.
      Have a wondrous week also –
      AnnMarie 🙂
      ooo this weekend I had a most delicious caramel Frappachino yummy and loaded with all sorts of gooey calories 🙂


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