Please Bear with Me, Don’t Think I’m Lion on My Laurels

Dear Friends,
I treated myself to a new scanner last week. My old one had been collecting dust. To date, all the art in my posts, with the exception of reblogs, has been photographed with my iPhone, emailed to my computer, then downloaded to the blog.

My pending Blogtox injection has made me a better person. Seeing art thumbnails together on screen brought me to the stark realization – I’m a lousy photographer. Many of my ‘characters’ drawn on white paper appear to have different colored backgrounds: dying rose pink, smudged dirt grey, speckly frazzled blue on screen… I’ve since rescanned all recent pieces done on white paper. Now, I’m onto the rest…

So, why do I tell you all this boring stuff? I’m apologizing in advance. As I go through the rescanning process, once in awhile you may see a drawing you’ve seen before. For instance, the lioness below is one I used sometime ago in a previous post. I felt she deserved a nice scan. Here she is making her scanning debut, Lioness after Lunch, in all her splendor and red sauce.

lionessPlease bear with me – you haven’t seen the bear yet 🙂 – as I clean up my act and attempt to get ann together.

bearThank you. May you dream of fabulous photos free of dust, grime and red-eye…
Lioness After Lunch, and Bear Shy, drawn eight years ago, when I hung ’round the kids when they played outside.
I used reference photos for lioness, but I can’t remember from where…perhaps Nat Geo or a African Wildlife book, maybe both?


6 thoughts on “Please Bear with Me, Don’t Think I’m Lion on My Laurels

  1. AnnMarie, how interesting to read about how you work! I always wonder how people put their blogs together, and glad to learn of your process. Getting excited about the “anntogether 2.0”! Love these wildlife drawings/photos!


    • I wish I would approach things a bit smarter – I seem to avoid the technology until it’s unavoidable. The scanning was an eventual must – the phone camera is not wonderful and makes a bad photographer worse 🙂 I always enjoy drawing lions and tigers and bears (go ahead say it – OH MY! 😉 ) Drawing the big guys is what got moved me to drawing large hairy creatures 🙂
      Happy Thursday!
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. There’s Nothing like starting My Sunday morning with a cup of coffe and Reading your blog 🙂 It gets me in such a good Mood .I’ve always liked lion’s Above all animals so your lion portrait made My day ❤ .


    • Oh, thank you dear friend. I love big cats – their grace and majesty. They only use their magnificent power for surviving life, not taking what they don’t need. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all people followed their example. 🙂
      I’m glad you found this post.
      I hope all is well with your family.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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