boots and sunsets

Dear Friends,
Boots protect our feet and transport us to new destinations. Yesterday, my boots brought me to an enriched chemistry class and a brilliant-minded teacher. I learned something I didn’t know before. It deals with ROYGBIV and the color spectrum. I should have remembered this from my high school days. At sunset, light must travel farther through the atmosphere to reach you. When it finally does connect, more of it is reflected. Ultimately, the longest and last wavelength standing – or bending as the case may – is red. The shorter wavelengths – blues and greens – are scattered and can no longer be seen.

And this is the most wild part: By the time you see the sun in sinking below the horizon, it has already gone down. You, my friends are seeing an optical illusion of bending light…

Who knew (or remembered)? I didn’t!

Workboots Thank you. May you dream of comfy boots and beautiful sunsets.
Workboots created a few days ago, after observing anxious students sporting their fall fashion boots while trying to remember not to clench my jaw so much.


12 thoughts on “boots and sunsets

  1. I love taking classes. I feel like I appreciate them now more as an adult than I did as a young lady. I didn’t know we were seeing an optical illusion at sunset. That is truly amazing! Thanks for the share and the cute monster. 🙂


    • Hi Mary – Doodler & Artist Extraordinaire!
      Nice to hear from you. I was feeling a little blue thinking I’d lost contact with many with the switch – but things seem to be coming back to a new ‘normal.’
      As a sub, I get to relearn and it’s fabulous, because I enjoy now! I wanted to draw little black work boots and he just kind of fit into the shoes 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂 Happy Friday!


    • Science is a tough subject – literature is wonderful!
      I stuck the pencils that were supposed to be doing math calculations into my ears and never looked back. Needless to say, my algebra/trig skills are subpar.
      I had a big crush on my science teacher 😉 so I did well in science for awhile 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Weekend


  2. Wow! Now that IS interesting about light and sunsets! When we’re in Michigan, we always like to take in the sunset over Lake Michigan, which can be quite beautiful. However, while I do know that many of the sunsets are red in hue, I’d never known, until reading your blog, that that darn old sun is already down! It’s just playing a trick on me! Mr. Workboots is cool! And his message, golden. Hope you have a great weekend, AnnMarie! 🙂


    • Hi there Debra,
      I apologize if you’re getting this response twice. I responded and it disappeared into the bloghole…
      Here it is again –
      It’s been great fun sitting in a class taking notes for a student. I feel as if I’ve been transported back in time (wish the wrinkles would have stayed in 2014 😉 ). To learn or relearn information delivered by such intelligent minds is fantastic. Oh, to be young and ‘dumb’ 😉 again… Kidding of course, many youngsters know so much more than we ever did at this stage of the game 🙂
      Have a relaxing and refreshing weekend. Drink lots of yummy java!
      AnnMarie 🙂


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