Dear Friends,
I wish monsters were only make-believe. I wish creatures were products of our imaginations and nothing more. I wish demons were child’s play. I wish dark entities were the stuff of fantasies. I wish, wishes worked. I’d wish for the host of maniacal characters to return to the pages they escaped from. Then perhaps once the planet was freed of its corroded anchors, it might float into an era of renewed hope.

Skunk Ape:FL Thank you. May you dream of realized wishes…
Skunk Ape created in 2009 for a monster project.


4 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. AnnMarie, looking at Skunk Ape makes me think this is what Michigan Dogman might look like (he’s a “creature” of legendary proportions in our neck of the woods in Michigan – you can Google him). I like him! (What do they say, Embrace your monsters? No, I said that, LOL). But really, I like him aesthetically and characteristically (if that’s even a word). More seriously, I agree there are all kinds of monsters in this world — I’ve been following the work of either one or many monsters that I’d like to expose, if I could, and it’s frustrating that I can’t. You know, it’s funny, but after 9/11 I thought perhaps our world, even after all the awfulness, might be “freed of its corroded anchors” and that we might enter “an era of renewed hope” (like the Renaissance). Alas, I’m still waiting to see that happen — but it might just yet! Anyhoo, I’m getting heavy here … 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend! It’s gorgeous here in the Midwest, and I’m assuming it is where you are, too. P.S.: You are definitely a poet, young lady! And a terrific artist, too — dang, I’m jealous! 🙂


    • Hi there Deb,
      Fictitious monsters are so cool – I love them, each and every one! The ‘real’ monsters are not lovable. I’ll have to look up the creature in your neck of the woods. As I get the time, I’m working on my little monster project which would have more than a few ‘lovable’ monsters. 🙂
      You keep fighting the good fight – champion for animal rights extraordinaire! Gorgeous day here too on the east coast.
      Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.
      AnnMarie 🙂
      ps thank you for the kind words…


  2. This reminds me of something on the tube the other night, the program was about Yeti’s and such but one of the creatures was called a skunk ape or similar, by the locals. They say the smell is so bad, it was the worst thing they’d ever smelled. The fella up top has some glowing eyes!


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