Hiding Blue Bull

Dear Friends,
Keeping in the spirit of Halloween and all things ‘monsterish’ – here’s Blue Bull. Yes, I know he’s mostly green, but his eyes are bedazzling blue. Blue Bull is a shy ‘fella’ with the strength of a thousand men. Though he wishes no harm to person or creature, he’s relentlessly hunted. Blue Bull’s gorgeous eyes and odd coloration make him a highly desired prize – a rare trophy – humans crave. How man adores his pretty things…
Taurean Bull
Blue Bull knows fear and feels safest among the cows.We cannot see him hiding there. Most humans when passing by cows, are only capable of seeing black and white.
Hiding Bull

Thank you. May you dream of sleeping on the cool green grass, looking up at the bedazzling, blue stars…
Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Blue Bull and Cow Patch created 2008 for monster project…



6 thoughts on “Hiding Blue Bull

  1. Oh, AnnMarie, I love Blue Bull and those black and white cows. I’d give anything to be sleeping on cool green grass, looking up at the stars. Unfortunately, I’m on my couch, staring at the ceiling, sicker than a (excuse me) dog. It’s been a gorgeous autumn day — and I’m stuck inside! Enough of my complaining. I’m interested in your monster project — sounds wonderful! Hope your weekend is sweet, 🙂


    • So sorry you’re not feeling well, Deb. You’ve got a weekend to recoup. Hope you feel better. I’ve got to begin putting things together for this project thats was on a front burner, then moved off the stove… Sometimes the wheels spin, but the cart’s mule is not cooperating… I’ve got to get something moving soon…argh…see, now don’t you feel better already. I’m complaining, and I’m not even sick…
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. Hey Ann this is beautiful. I’m the bull in astrology, as well as the ox in Chinese astrology… so this has meaning to me. I could see the blue bull as a tattoo… I like the hooves and the stripes. 🙂


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