‘Concepting’ A Concept

Dear Friends,
Last night my brain was not cooperating. My imagination was snoring. My hands were fighting with one another and my feet kept trying to run away. In my little studio no real art was had, only the concept of a concept…

Thank you. May you dream of paintbrushes making rainbows…


10 thoughts on “‘Concepting’ A Concept

  1. Writer’s/artist’s block … I know what that’s like. Sometimes the magic fairy just isn’t there. She’s down at the local bar, smoking cigarettes and throwing back shots of tequila. Well, I suppose it’s tough to be a fairy/muse, too. BUT … you sound as if something exciting is on its way! The “concept of a concept” sounds like a “concept”! Woohoo! Remember that concepts can lead to “big ideas,” accomplished with little steps taken incrementally. Best wishes, my friend!


    • Hey, something new to add to the coffee – liquor! 😉 Deb – Glad you’re feeling better and back to creating wonderful art! I’ve been avoiding the unavoidable – that is redoing the blog, yet, again. Well, it appears my nice tech man has agreed to sit with me and rework the blog and swing it into WP. I just had to sell my soul 😉 Just kidding of course, nothing is worth that, except having a Starbuck’s attached to the house – hah, got ya again. No, Matt is a really cool dude – I made a barter on some older computer equipment and some bucks. SO here I go again… Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’ll figure out the gaining part later though I think its weight from stress-eating 😉 It’s all good. And the best part is, there is nothing really bad. I just have to pick a theme and its off I go. Make sure you’re getting lots of rest til you’re 100% AnnMarie 🙂


      • Ha! LOL Somebody told me to throw a shot of whiskey in something for my cold, but I haven’t yet. I’m afraid I might like it — too much! 🙂 And if you can figure out how to get a Starbucks attached to your house — well, I mean, you’re brilliant. LOL I think you’ll be very happy when you switch back to WP which is, to my way of thinking, sort of like Apple: intuitive and can almost know what you want before you do. Do it, switch. You’ve done it once before; you can do it again. And I thank you for your kind concern about my health. You seem to be the only one who is concerned, so I really appreciate it. The other day I got an idea for a series (maybe small book) using my “whimsical” drawings. So today I wrote the first story and literally bawled my eyes out! Gosh, I didn’t want the story to be so sad! But I guess it’s flu-inspired, and it’s gray and rainy here today, and that’s what happens. Anyhoo, you’ll do great, AnnMarie. Just keep plying Matt with Starbucks or more free computer hardware. Hey! Here’s a new idea for Starbucks: “Liquorcino!” A Frapp with a shot of whatever! 🙂


      • “Liquorcino” LOVE IT!!! Remind me one day, and I’ll tell you a story about a 22-year-old who broke her nose because she didn’t use her hands to break the fall.
        I’m so glad to hear you’re working on a book – I truly thing with your graphics it could be grand. And don’t we believe equal amounts of sad/happy, maintain the honest balance.
        And I am glad you’re feeling better (tell me when you’re officially 100% and I’ll stop saying get better ’cause that could achieve the opposite result 😉 )
        So it’s off to Connecticut tomorrow to check out my sister’s show. She is a fellow artist and her work makes mine look like Crayolas between chimp toes. She likes to shock, but has matured quite a bit in her subject matter. It’s quite breathtaking in its execution. If you want to check out her website – GraceRoselli.com
        Anyway, you get some rest. Don’t stay up too late practicing drawing pigs and orangutans (hey, I think I spelled that correctly?). And good luck with your blog design plans too.
        I hope I didn’t scare Matt with a long email 😉
        AnnMarie 🙂


  2. Wow, 2 sister-artists! Of course, I had to check out your sister; very impressive. But her work doesn’t make yours “look like Crayolas between chimp toes” (although I like that metaphor!). You’re just as good, doing something entirely different. Funny, a while ago I was going to mention Marina Abramovic (“The Artist is Present”), and it’s weird because I kind of think her art is along the lines of your sister’s art. Oh well. So interesting that both of you turned out to be terrific artists. The inspiration in your family must have been pervasive growing up. Enjoy your trip to Connecticut tomorrow! No Liquorcinos while you drive! 🙂 And … I want to hear that story of the broken nose!


    • I’ve got absolutely no sense of direction. I travel to CT armed with a GPS and a map – if I don’t blog tomorrow, I’m lost somewhere in Westport 😉
      Grace is my older sister by two years. All six of us sibs are just about 1 1/2 years apart from each other – my mom is still very brave today. It’s amazing how the kid things stay with a person. Growing up, Grace was considered the family artist – I was the goofy kid. Fast-forward to many years later, much of my extended family was/is still sometimes unaware that I paint and draw. I don’t take this personally, as I admire the heck out of my sister and all my other accomplished sibs. Grace works hard at her craft and her amazing passion shows in her work. I truly feel I’m not at her level but that’s ok – it gives me something to work toward. But, I thank you for your kind and genuine support as aways. I believe the human spirit is the greatest work of art :-)!!!
      As for the broken nose, I’ll tell you this – it did involve a little tonic and a dash of gin 😉 Oh, how dumb one can be early on 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Happy Friday!!!


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