Tinhood and More Blogtox

Dear Friends,
It’s quite entertaining to have one’s head filled with mindless mist. While ‘trolloping’ about the Musing Moss of the Foggy Forest today, I bumped into a new friend. Tinhood as she calls herself, has agreed to assist me. Tinhood who knows the Foggy Forest like the back of her bolts, suggests dropping strategic breadcrumbs to help me navigate out. Hopefully, she doesn’t spill the oil from her basket-can or the antifreeze from her little red bandana in the process, ’cause that would be bad.


Oh, by the way – my blogtox injection didn’t take. I like the clean redesign of this blog, but I’m faltering behind the dashboard wheel. My airplane is not flying true. Lest I crash into a mountainside, I’m going for another blogtox procedure.

Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

I don’t have the aptitude, nor the pilot’s license to be self-hosted. I must guide my wobbly craft back to WordPress and it’s beautiful landing field.



Thank you. May you dream of candy airplanes and marshmallow clouds…

Tinhood came out of the forest two days ago. Clion and Blogtox are old pros.
Countdown to blogtox injection and return to WP – 2 days…


8 thoughts on “Tinhood and More Blogtox

    • Well, John –
      It will be like building Frankenstein 🙂
      My tech guy who repairs our computers is familiar with WP, so I’m hoping between the two of us – we can figure it out…
      Here’s to making monsters! 🙂
      Have a great day.
      AnnMarie 🙂


  1. AnnMarie, I give you a lot of credit for trying to self-host your blog; I couldn’t do it. It’ll be great to have you back in WP Land, and I’m counting down the days until you get here! What an enchanting cast of characters you have here today: Tinhood, Clion and Blogtox (you ought to get the latter trademarked, it’s so apt) — the new, revised cast of the Wizard of Oz! Together, with the ever-strong-woman Tinhood, they’ll bring you out of the misty Self-Hosted Blog Forest into the light of day known as WordPress (I sound like a [bad] copyrighter for WP, don’t I?) Well, I mean it — everything will work out great!


    • Good Morning Deb 🙂 You know what’s funny with your comment box on my blog – whenever I hit the return it never works – weird – I’m fairly certain it’s on my end. Matt the Tech Guy is coming over on friday and we’re going to work together to bring the blog back to WP. I’m hoping to keep the same basic look I’ve got now – bare bones – so the design aspect shouldn’t be too bad – it’s the migrating part that makes me a bit nervous… but, nothing ventured, nothing gained…here I come WP – maybe 😉 Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re nearing 100%. Help I have to sub math today YIKES – AnnMarie 🙂


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