VIPs are Very Important Patriots

Dear Friends,
Many Americans live lives relatively sheltered from international heartache. The fact I was remiss in writing a “Thanks to Vets,” post reminds me of how comfortable I am. I have much to be appreciative and thankful for. In my fervor to rework by buggish blog, I overlooked creating a thank you post for American Veterans everywhere. I apologize for my blogcentricities of late.

Thank you Veterans…

Lone Soldier
Thank you. May you dream of freedom for all people.

Lone Soldier sketch originally created for 9/11 post.


4 thoughts on “VIPs are Very Important Patriots

  1. You needn’t apologize, dear friend. As I mentioned (somewhere), this illustration was by far the most sincere, evocative and — yep! — emotional (earned, all the way) tribute I saw on Facebook yesterday. Truthfully, I too can be pretty comfortable about wars and Veterans, but only, of course, when I’m not directly affected. My husband’s tours of duty have, thank God, been only 6-7 weeks in duration. Now the tours, like the one his unit is currently on (just started, actually) are 6 months. That’s too long, if you ask me. I’m so grateful for those who are serving overseas, but I’m sure as hell glad my husband didn’t have to go. Selfish on my part, I know. Anyway, this a beautiful tribute, and I, my husband — and I’ll speak for other military folk here — thank you, most sincerely.

    Now, as for your blog — I’ll be sending you an email on Thursday … oh, the stuff I’ve already learned! LOL


    • Never selfish, Deb… 🙂
      War, defense, offense all are elusive to folks like me who get to read a newspaper or listen to a broadcast. Enlisted, like your husband are directly involved with what so many of us take for granted or don’t have to wake up considering in this country – our many choices. And than there are the husbands and wives of those serving – like you, equally unselfish – having to let go of their loved ones, whether it be for three days, three months, three years… So I should have said thank you to you too 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words as always.
      I’ll look forward to reading my mail later 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Hope you’re feeling well and your blog is in good health too!


  2. I’ve been spinning my way through your blog posts admiring your artwork and commentary. This seems to be a light hearted place. There was a time in my teens where I loved to draw. It didn’t really matter what I just liked to create something from nothing. That was one of the happiest times of my life.

    Today I create art with a camera. I’ve been doing so for over 40 years. When I see your sketches it returns me to my youth and that happy time. Thanks for blogging. – Bob


    • Hi Bob,
      I thank you ever so much for your sweet commentary. I don’t set out to do light-hearted it just kind of happens. So often life pulls us in the other direction. I do post – now and again – about “not so happy” events as well… I must warn you, I do love my creatures and monsters as well 🙂
      Your photos are quite spectacular!
      AnnMarie 🙂


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