Deer Friends

Dear Friends,
Smatterings of white snow cling to the shadowy places outside my house. The air – fresh and cold – says, “Get ready – holidays on the way.” So here’s to peace this season and to ‘deer’ friends. 🙂
Christmas Dear.Thank you. May you have peaceful dreams…
Deer Friends, sketched last tuesday while on sub break.


8 thoughts on “Deer Friends

  1. Hi, AnnMarie (sorry, in my thumb-typing the other night I called you “AnnaMarie”)! Well, this was certainly a gift when I got up this morning — love deer, love your sketch! Hope you don’t mind, but I printed out and have hung on my cork board for artistic inspiration. Speaking of which, I can’t believe you did this “on sub break.” Last night I spent 2 hours trying to draw a snake for crying out loud. It’s for tomorrow’s post (you’ll see it), and still I didn’t get it right. I mean, a snake — a piece of rope, right? Wish you lived closer so I could take some art lessons from you. I just get so frustrated that my hand can’t do what my head tells it to. Question: Did you draw this from memory, or were you looking at a photo? Either way, it’s amazing.


    • Hi Deb,
      It’s been a nutty weekend – shopping, cleaning, parties, blog reworking…
      I’m finally back at my computer than I hope to get some drawing done today. Got the Xmas tunes going and I am actually drinking a nice pumpkin tea.
      I didn’t notice any name typos – half the time I spell my name wrong all on my own 🙂 I think my deer was inspired by your deer from a previous post. I had it in my head. You print out anything you want of mine – and if you ever want a cheesy color copy of anything, I’ll mail you them gratis – I love thinking my little pictures would hang on friends’ walls 🙂 I did draw these deer from my head. I’d be afraid to compare mama and fawn to real reference images, because I’m certain they’re anatomically compromised. I really fudged my way through. They actually started looking like weird dogs at first. I have a graphic piece of art of a funky snake character under ‘graphics’ in my ‘Art Portfolio’.’ It might help a little for you by seeing the line work around the cylindrical form.
      So far the blog is going well – I’m just a tad nervous now that there are 3 anntogethers and somewhere they’re going to cross wires. Once this blog is in tip top form – that is all stats transferred over… I’m hoping I can completely disconnect from the other 2 older blogs. Question, if you have a moment – if such a thing exists in your day – would you look at my post in your Reader and let me know if it the “like” “reblog” and “comment” buttons appear at the bottom. I don’t see them in my Reader.
      I’ll have to have WP look into it…
      Thank you and Happy Sunday!!!
      Hope you’re feeling 99.99% healthy 🙂


      • Hi, AnnMarie! Gosh, I’ve been sitting at my desktop computer all afternoon long (grading, listening to music) but I never heard/saw your message come in. Fortunately I checked my iPad, where I saw that you had sent it. Usually your replies — dang! I just figured it out! I need to click “notify me of new comments” probably again, since you have the new blog. Okay, that’s settled. Now, I did check my Reader and I see your blog post, but I don’t see any “like,” “reblog,” or “comment” buttons (however, if I click on your title, the whole post comes up, with those things included). I think your blog looks terrific — so nice! Love the template (good choice, Matt!)

        I did check out your funky snake and I wish I’d drawn it (damn!). I tried every which way till Sunday to get the twisted coils, but it just wasn’t happening. Ah, well, you’re the artist, not me. I’m glad you had deer on the mind; I do, too. To me, they’re magical creatures, and I’m chomping at the bit to get back to Michigan to see them (and hopefully not any dead ones hanging from ropes or tossed across truck hoods). I actually would like a color copy of a couple of your artworks, but I’ll have to decide which ones. For now, I have the deer hanging above my computer, at eye-level, so I can see them. I ought to frame them for our cabin.

        Well, I’m glad you’re being productive on this quiet, snowy Sunday. The snow is actually sticking around some, which is nice. I’m feeling good — although my husband HAD to get a flu shot the other day at work (you can’t turn down the government) and now he’s sniffing and sneezing, and I’m thinking, Oh no, don’t reintroduce flu germs in this house! LOL

        Think I can smell the pumpkin tea from here!


      • Just checked out your office pic complete with gorgeous art 😉 thanks so much for sending and thank you for hanging – I’m honored, truly 🙂
        I just need a few more tweaks to this blog and I’m good to go – I need WP’s assist though and hopefully they can or else I’ll cry and sob loudly 🙂 We just had about 11 grazing deer in our front yard – the number is very high this year and rifles can be heard throughout the day. I don’t like that at all, but this month alone there were 50 deer-related car accidents…what the solution is, I don’t know. Sometimes, like this year, there are too many deer and they starve come winter…
        I ended up not getting any art done today. I started going through my posts and noticed older posts were missing photos – little things – probably one too many redirects. So I spent a bit of time fixing them. I was a bad mother today – my family ate Wendy’s fast food.
        Several years ago I got a flu shot and I swear it made me ‘sickish’ for a while. I stay away from them now. I’ve never gotten the flu (knocking all kinds of wood right now!)
        And now it’s back to finishing laundry 🙂
        I didn’t even visit blogs today…I have to get back on track…
        Yeah, the pumpkin tea is excellent!
        AnnMarie 🙂


      • I meant to tell you, today I had no “redirects” for your blog (the other day, I did); so that’s good. The deer thing; I know, they can be problematic, and I know I need to be a realist about the situation (I was tainted from watching “Bambi”). Wendy’s is good; flu shots are tricky/bad; and we need to get our laundry done, too — as soon as my hubbie gets home from his run, I’m cracking the whip and telling him to get moving on it (yeah, he does all the laundry – it’s a military thing). 🙂


      • Thanks, Deb
        It’s getting there. I added the FB thing in the side bar, thank you. Not sure how it works but faces popped in, so I think I set it up okay.
        Many deer, not enough space – we took much of it away…and no natural predators…except the occasional coyote…
        Hope your husband feels better and you stay well!
        watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles with the son – love this movie!!!

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    • Hi there, John. No, my experimenting days are over – I’m set for a good long while – just playing around with this new theme’s color, font and widget options…
      Thanks for the kind words. I love the cold, especially when I can blow frost out my mouth – it makes me feel like a locomotive, hence, when the giant husband and I walk at 5 am – I feel as if I’m walking as fast as a speeding train 😉
      3 cheers for WordPress!!!


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