Zoo Balloons

Dear Friends,
Why balloons? Why not. I think we all deserve colorful balloons every now and again. We adults were children once, long ago. Inside many of us an inquisitive, excited, optimistic…inner child presses near the surface. But we keep our inner children locked up tightly. Why would we want anyone to notice our zany, sparkling potential? And yes, sometimes a ridiculous or vulnerable dimension might sneak out. Aged innocence sometimes becomes hardened apathy. No one likes to be hurt. No one likes to appear silly. No one likes wearing their ‘heart on their sleeve’…

But I say today, let’s be silly. Let your inner child out, even just a little bit. Enjoy the bliss that inexperience brings. Let down your guard. Smile at a stranger. Hug yourself. Live this day as a child, not as an adult dreading the start of another long work week.

And if your balloon pops with a big noise, floats away in the blue sky or looses its air, simply get another one in a different color and shape… Zoo balloons only cost a penny.

zoo balloonsThank you. When you dream this night, dream of an endless balloon parade and all the things your joyful inner child will do tomorrow.

Zoo balloons rendered with Tombow Markers created while feeling silly. (a very talented artist/blogger, In Freckles, recommended trying Tombows and I must say I’m lovin’ them. Sometimes, using the Prisma pencils can take a toll on the wrist)



6 thoughts on “Zoo Balloons

  1. Ah, AnnMarie, I needed to read this post today. I’m in a snit, over what I don’t know (free-floating anxiety, perhaps, and definitely a case of bronchitis that lingers). You are so right about releasing that “inner child,” and once again your post is beautifully poetic, and absolutely true: “Aged innocence sometimes becomes hardened apathy. No one likes to be hurt. No one likes to appear silly.” So true, so true. I guess it’s time to buy some balloons. Thanks for your wise words on a cold day.


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