Dear Friends,
A dear blog-friend, Deb of C-Dog wrote an entertaining and humerous post about her past snake experiences. Deb doesn’t care much for snakes. I know many people who feel this same way. But, I don’t mind our slithering friends. When I was in fourth grade, I signed up for a snake class. I was the only girl in a class of twenty. We got to handle all manner of sssssssnake. It was ssssssssuper!


Though I think snakes are sssssuper cool, I could never place a doe-eyed mouse into a ssssssnake’s enclosure. So I’ve not had the pleasure of ‘owning’ a leglesssss reptile. I have kept company with iguanas, and at one time called two albino claw frogs friends.

blue frog/Prisma

blue frog/Prisma

I stick to the basics now – fur-clad dogs with the occasional kid thrown in. 😉
kiddies and doggies xmas 13

Thank you. May you dream in a snake-free enclosure this evening.
Snakeralla created a few weeks ago – not sure why…
Blue Frog created in 2008


7 thoughts on “Snakerella

    • The following thing is a long story – it has something to do with my original WP blog going to self-hosted site then returning to WP – I messed up…to many anntogethers out there – scary….
      Snakerella is a friendly sort – I’m glad you could look her in the yellow eyes 😉
      Happy Tuesday!
      oh, yes and tftf 🙂

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  1. Ah, bless your heart, AnnMarie, for “linking” me — but even more so for sharing your snake gal, with her voluptuous bod and beautiful hair, which almost — almost! — makes me want to reach out and touch her — but then, there’s those eyes, that forked tongue, those fangs! I’ll just gaze from a distance, LOL. And I love the blue frog, the texturing, that great eyeball. And of course, of course, your best creations — those adorable kids (and dogs, although they’re not “technically” your creations). 🙂 That photo is putting even me in the holiday spirit! Have a great one, “deer” friend! 🙂


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