Flollowers and Rocky Sequels

Dear Friends,
I give these flollowers as a thank you for stopping by my humble blogcabin. After ten months and three versions of anntogether, I think I finally got the hang of basic blogging. And you know what, it’s only scary in the dark.
Flollowers I thank you for returning – through the prequel, the original and the sequel (which I hope runs a very long time). It’s been like the Rocky franchise minus three movies. 🙂

Movie Eyes

Movie Eyes

Rocky Poster
This is my favorite poster of all time. Rocky stuck by me in my youth on my purple bedroom wall. I still remember clear as day, waiting anxiously in the movie house, the lights dimming, the grand white ROCKY letters sliding across the screen as Rocky’s theme music amped up…

Thank you, my friends. May you dream of sleeping in a garden of beautiful sunflollowers and your personal Rocky. YO ADRIAN!

Flollowers Beastie pencilled together several weeks ago, but was lost for a while.
Movies in My Eyes Guy created months ago. Both dudes are rendered with Prisma pencils.



14 thoughts on “Flollowers and Rocky Sequels

  1. Ha, love Flollowers Beastie and Movies in My Eyes guy! Flowers for the ladies, and a cute cuddly teddy bear for the guys — very cool dudes, indeed, 🙂 You are an expert blogger, Miss AnnMarie, and you could probably write the book about self-hosted vs. whatever-the-opposite-is-called. Good for you for hanging in there and coming out — okay, wait for it — “smelling like a rose” (that’s a flollower, right?! And, oh yeah, Rocky rocked! Welcome back to WP ….


    • Miss Deb,
      If an “expert” entails messing up your sites several times, changing your mind a million times and not knowing how to push the right buttons in the Dashboard then I’ll wear the ‘expert crown’ for a day, but only if it’s made of chocolate 😉
      Hey, they don’t call me AnnMarie ROSElli for nothing 😉 I’m just rollin’ in it today aren’t I!!!
      I appreciate your not giving up on my stupidity 🙂
      Here’s to blogging onward, upward – good or bad or absolutely maddening…
      AnnMarie ROSElli 🙂


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