Seabiscuit and Why Blogs are Like Seashells

Dear Friends,
A dear and uber-intelligent blog friend made me think about what ignited my initial blogging passion? The simple, silly, banal truth – I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia. In a nutshell (this is a shell post), Julie gets publishing offers galore after her ‘cooking’ blog reaches stratospheric popularity. There are two problems with this movie scenario for me – I’m an average writer at best and I can’t cook.

So what keeps my butt in this chair writing a few unrelated lines when I want to invent worlds? What keeps me drawing little pictures when I like to paint expansive canvases? There is the fantasy of having 10 billion followers just to mutter, “You like me, you really like me.” I don’t think I’d ever mutter it though. Sally Field’s cheeks still redden.

I gave the whole blog thing more thought, and upon further introspection, I saw my blog in a big seashell. So I think of my blog like a great, big seashell. After all, a blog is like a giant seashell isn’t it? You can polish it and admire the translucent rainbows. You can stuff your head inside it and hide. You can fill it with your personal space, place it on your back and run. You can share it with others by letting them hold it upon their ears so they too can hear the ocean. You can collect more than one and place them in pretty jars.

I do like seashells, but I love horses more. A favorite role model of mine – hands and hooves down – is Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit the horse with the indomitable heart. The little steed who bested War Admiral, a flawless thoroughbred. I think of Seabiscuit and I smile. Yes, Seabiscuit makes me smile. Blogging makes me smile. And in the end, I think maybe that’s it…
Seabiscuit ShellThank you, my friends. Dream of sleeping in a giant shell while floating across a sparkling ocean. And one more thing you can do with a seashell – let your pet piglet sleep in it, of course!

pig in shell/acrylic

pig in shell/acrylic

Seabiscuit Shell created after looking at my Breyers’ horses on my studio shelf.
Piglet in Shell painted many moons ago.



20 thoughts on “Seabiscuit and Why Blogs are Like Seashells

  1. Ohh AnnMarie!!! One of my GREATEST experiences was saving a seahorse in Italy. Poor old guy washed up alive and I carried him back in. It was INCREDIBLE to hold him!!!!!!!!!! I was (and still am) elated over it. Sea horses (and my 1,000’s of shells from Sanibel Island stuffed everywhere) ROCK….like your blog xoxo


    • If you like Meryl Streep (plays Julia Child) and Amy Adams (plays Julie Powell) and you love Europe and eating delicious food – you’ll enjoy this movie – I love the dialogue, the music, the setting…it’s great fun…
      The art too, I must work on, but thank you for the encouragement…
      And thank you ever so much for the follow. Now, I’m only several millions+ short of my goal 😉
      Happy Early Holidays and here’s to better chefs cooking the turkey!
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. “Julie and Julia” inspired me, too — it inspired me to dig out my copy of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and give it to my daughter (we saw the movie together). Until now I hadn’t thought of how excited Julie was every time someone commented on her blog, but I definitely know now how she felt. This morning I had follower 1,956 come on board Trigger’s Horse, and I’m as excited as I was with 50.

    My next-to-favorite thing about YOUR blog is your wonderful, whimsical drawings. They never fail to make me smile. But my very favorite thing is the friendship we have found here. Happy Friday! – Fawn


    • Ah, Fawn –
      J&J is in my sleeper stack – movies I watch when I can’t sleep. Congrats on your awesome number! You deserve millions more and I know they’re on the way 🙂
      How wonderful you enjoy each new follower – that’s because your heart is kind and genuine.
      Thanks for the vote of blog confidence. I’m having a great time with the drawings – I love seeing what will happen when I have a pencil in hand ’cause half the time I’m never sure.
      I too am so very glad we met here within the page of our digital diaries…
      Have a great weekend my friend 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


  3. I loved that movie too!

    I blog because it is an outlet for me to be myself, which is kind of ballsy and weird and foul-mouthed. In real life I’m a very small woman with a little girl’s voice who gets strange looks whenever someone hears me talk (swear) or act like a man. Most people in blog world think I am a man, which makes me happier than you can imagine.


  4. Okay, where to start — there’s so much to say! Love the shell imagery, and “shell” as a metaphor for blogging — so perfect! And of course there’s the wunderbar art: Seabiscuit Shell is wonderfully imaginative and fun, and oh my gosh, Piglet in Shell is amazing! How did you come to marry those two images (pig/shell) together? They’re perfect; I really love that painting! And finally, I’d just like to say that (and you know this already) I think you’re a terrific writer, and I’m happy to read what you write because whatever you say is always smart and insightful, and philosophical, and you always give me cause for reflection, so thanks. And oh yes, I saw Julie and Julia, too (great movie), and it no doubt inspired me as well. [As an aside: I recently watched a rerun of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes, and Poehler tells the audience that Meryl Streep is nominated for an award “but she can’t be here tonight because she has the flu — and we’ve heard she’s wonderful in it.” Love Streep, :)]


  5. Yup. That’s why I’ll never be famous for blogging because the analogy you drew between your big and seashell was brilliant and abstract, like poetry. And yes, I think a lot of us were inspired by the movie julie/julia! I don’t have any delusions about my little nook in the world wide web, but it sure is fun to meet other people such as yourself. 🙂


  6. I belong to a senior coffee group of ladies that gather 3 times a week at McDonald’s. I think it hilarious seeing the 4 of us gathered in our booth all online surging with our tablets. We’re wired! When I spoke of my fascination with your inspiring blog site they all said I’d be getting a fresh box of crayons from them for my Christmas gift. You’re never too old for crayons! 🙂


    • I’m so very flattered, I’ve inspired you to color! I love that you’re in a senior group. I used to visit my friend’s father every week and we’d have coffee together. We often chatted about his youth – which I found fascinating. I miss him most especially this time of year. Every Christmas he’d tell me his story of how he and his brothers would get an orange in a sock or a few pennies and how everyone was happy with their simple gifts. Then they’d go out and play stickball with the other city kids… My dad, now 83 is a retired FBI agent. I never tire listening to him talk about his old cases – he still has an amazing memory.
      You tell the gals I said hello. Your group sounds wonderful!
      AnnMarie 🙂


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