Oscarminster, Because It’s Funday

Dear Friends,
According to Nielsen, this Thanksgiving holiday over 20 million viewers will watch The National Dog Show on NBC. The upcoming canine event reminded me of a post I published awhile back titled, Oscarminster. I wrote Oscarminster, as The Oscars and Westminster Dog Show, were gearing up for their respective nights. I ‘reshare’ it with you because it’s Funday and who doesn’t like having fun…


If the Academy Awards and the Westminster Dog Show combined, I would watch the entire spectacle. I imagine it would go something like this: actor and show dog saunter down the red-grass carpet complete with shiny bagging stations. For the gala’s opening act, Ellen Degeneres bursts onto the stage accompanied by a divine chorus singing, “I wish I were an Oscarminster winner, that’s what I would truly love to be, ’cause if I were an Oscarminster winner everybody’d be in love with me.” At the end of the number Ellen blows into a tiny Oscarminster whistle that she’d been hiding in her lapel pocket.
Oscar Westminster

Gorgeous show dogs wearing couture bound out and frolic with the singers. Throughout the course of the evening, stunning Oscar nominees prance glossy canines around the stage circle (nominees fearing wardrobe malfunctions could walk briskly). This exercise replaces drawn out Academy speeches. Shimmering Oscar statuettes – made of solid rawhide – are then awarded to those with the strongest grip and biggest teeth. And that my friends would be entertainment worth watching… 🙂

Thank you. May you dream of cold noses and warm slippers.
Oscarminster barked up this morning – mixed media, Tombow Markers and Prisma Pencils


8 thoughts on “Oscarminster, Because It’s Funday

  1. I’d definitely watch “Oscarminster,” AnnMarie — and I’d have a big bowl of popcorn to munch on while I do (as I always do with the Oscars). Great art — such a canine personality, 🙂 Love to watch the dog show this year, but we can’t get cable (or any TV stations) up north.


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