See Gulls Shopping

Dear Friends,
My holiday gifting generally starts at the mall. How did the seagulls figure out my secret shopping strategy? There were so many bulbous-beaked raptors, I feared stomping on little birdie toes when crossing the parking lot.
SeagullsI’m sure I saw a few wearing Santa hats…
Seagull ShoppersThank you. May you dream of golden birds shaped like starlight.

Seagulls in mall parking lot snapped yesterday while Xmas shopping. Seagull Shoppers art created yesterday after shopping but before the big son’s wrestling match. I rushed this art and you can tell…
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18 thoughts on “See Gulls Shopping

  1. I cannot tell you “rushed” because those darn gulls look pretty believably real to me! I actually do like seagulls, although I’ve learned from experience, when surrounded by a bunch of them, never to toss food out or else you’ll get dive-bombed. 🙂 Oh, and you’ve reminded me that I need to start thinking of my Christmas shopping (which is pretty easy, really) — and thanks to your posts I am starting to get in the holiday spirit! Hope your son won his wrestling match!


    • Hi Deb,
      SOrry for delay – days will be getting crazy with wrestling. Max has an all-day tournament today too, but my friend is in for our annual cookie baking. Keith is going to see Max. I hate missing, but the wrestling season is long, so I’ll make most of his meets (and we just have to figure out how to get Caroline back and forth to her job – it will be fun). And yes, you should probably begin shopping so it can be an enjoyable – less pressured experience 😉 I can’t believe their are seagulls at this mall. I guess they must hang by the Hudson RIver. And those birds do look at you with a bit of mischief in their yellow eyes! No food tossing 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend. I promised this young artist I’d reblog one of her posts. It’s a review of a contemporary artist but some of the images are a bit provocative – so goes the way of art… I’ll give the old rated R warning


  2. That photo brought back memories of South Carolina parking lots full of seagulls. They can be a real pest with their screeching and droppings all over your vehicles. I love to photograph them along the Oregon coast line, just hovering as they look down at you.


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